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Press Release

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August 22, 2001

Sony Professional Digital Signal Processing Color Camera - BVP-E10 Makes its World Debut at BIRTV 2001

Newly Developed Mega Pixel Power HADTM EX CCD Technology

BEIJING, 22 August, 2001(BIRTV 2001, Hall No. 12) Sony today announced that a newly developed Power HADTM EX CCD digital processing color camera that unites high picture quality, excellent sensitivity and color accuracy, will be first on display during the show. The BVP-E10/ E10WS series digital signal processing color camera is designed for high-end studio broadcast with competitive price.

The new generation of BVP-E10 incorporated our latest sensor technology with high sensitivity of F11 offering clear picture in low light shooting area. The high S/N ratio of 65dB and remarkably low smear level of 140dB have greatly improved camera sensitivity and reduced smear. The Power HADTM EX CCD technology provides an incredible pixel count of 1.2 million pixels for superb picture quality. With this conventional camera, the color of low light areas could sometimes be subject to a certain degree of saturation drop and distortion. The Low Key Saturation function on the BVP-E10/ E10WS series eliminates this problem by amplifying the color saturation of low light levels with an optimum gain up factor.

This new series open a new level in superior performance, extensive creative features and also a high-cost performance ratio. It offers new saturation control function, which enables to realize more natural color reproduction in very bright areas, sustaining "wash out" effect can be minimized. The BVP-E10/E10WS series is ideal for both studio and field broadcast use with the adaptive detail control, which realizes natural detail enhancement even on several highlight transitions. The latest LSI with 0.18 micrometer LSI design rule offers very low power consumption. With the use of Sony MemoryStickTM technology, the operator is allowed to store camera parameter of individual scenes or for different camera setup preference.