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Press Release

The press releases on this website are provided for historical reference purposes only. Please note that certain information may have changed since the date of release.
September 5, 2001

New "AIBO" Entertainment Robots,
"LATTE" and "MACARON" Join The AIBO Family
Orders accepted by Internet and telephone, as well as through regular retail channels

aibo ERS-311/312
sony logo "AIBO" LATTE [ERS-311] (left) and MACARON [ERS-312] (right) respectively

(Tokyo, Japan) - Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc. (SMOJ; president: Kei Kodera; headquarters: Minato-Ku, Tokyo) today announced a new line of Entertainment Robots affectionately called LATTE [ERS-311] and MACARON [ERS-312]. LATTE and MACARON have different personalities (LATTE to be "adorable" and MACARON to be "mischievous"). In addition to the established method of AIBO order taking by Internet and telephone, the new LATTE and MACARON "AIBO" in addition to the 2nd generation AIBO [ERS-210] will be available at regular SMOJ appliance dealers.

Product name Sale begin Suggested retail price
"AIBO" Entertainment Robot
LATTE [ERS-311] and MACARON [ERS-312]
September 22, 2001 98,000 yen
(tax excluded)

NOTE: Orders accepted at SMOJ dealers from Thursday, September 12, 2001
Internet and telephone orders accepted from 10:00am, September 12, 2001
Telephone: 0570-008811
(03-5470-0666 for cellular/PHS phone; open 10:00~18:00 Monday to Sunday)

The "AIBO" LATTE and MACARON are autonomous robots specifically designed to be cute and loveable. The new models are equipped with 15 degrees of freedom, enabling smooth movement of the head and four legs for friendly interaction. LATTE and MACARON introduce several new features such as touch sensors on the head, bottom of feet and tail that respond to stimuli as well as sound, voice and image recognition from embedded microphones and camera capture. The new "AIBO" models blink a horn-shaped lamp on the top of their heads, emit sounds and perform movements to express a variety of emotions such as happiness, sadness and anger for intimate interaction with people.

There are two kinds of AIBO-ware Software available, Memory Stick media-based software sold separately, that give different personality, features and ways of interacting with the new models; "AIBO Friend" [ERF-310AW06J] that allows owners to enjoy a fully matured AIBO with a varied personality and "AIBO Life" [ERF-310AW01J] that allows owners to enjoy the growing and maturing process of their "AIBO".
The basic personalities of adorable LATTE and mischievous MACARON are set by the AIBO-ware software "AIBO Friend" [ERF-310AW06J]. The aforementioned personalities are pre-programmed on the Memory Stick containing the AIBO-ware Software. By inserting the Memory Stick into the body, LATTE and MACARON download their respective personality and interact with people. Human communication and the surrounding environment may alter the basic personalities of LATTE and MACARON.

"AIBO" LATTE and MACARON [ERS-311/312] Key Features
1) Memory Stick-based AIBO-ware Software (sold separately):
By inserting "AIBO Friend" AIBO-ware software [ERF-310AW06J] into the body, LATTE (ivory) and MACARON (gray) can express different basic personalities. With "AIBO-Friend", LATTE acts "adorable", and MACARON acts "mischievously".
"AIBO Life" [ERF-310AW01J] features eight growing stages from infant to adult. In the course of this growing process, the basic personality of LATTE or MACARON will change in accordance with the environment they "grow up in".
Memory Stick-based AIBO-ware software:
"AIBO Friend" [ERF-310AW06J] (for [ERS-311/312]): 9,000 yen (tax excluded)
"AIBO Life" [ERF-310AW01J] (for [ERS-311/312]): 9,000 yen (tax excluded)

2) Multiple Features for Intimate Communication:
1. Voice recognition: Approximately 75-word vocabulary
2. Name registration: Remembers and responds to the name it is given as well as the name of its owner. The [ERS-311/312] expresses emotion when it hears its owner's name.
3. Communication capability: Interacts and responds to other AIBO [ERS-311/312] in AIBO language
4. Sound interaction: Composes a melody based on the distance between its nose (distance sensor) and a hand held in front of it. The [ERS-311/312] also replies in a melody, based on the music notes that its owner hums to it.

3) Media Link Functions (with "AIBO Friend" [ERF-310AW06J]):
The [ERS-311/312] responds to certain sounds from a television or radio and the Internet; it expresses different emotions, depending on the sounds it captures.
* An animated television program "Piroppo" starring the adorable LATTE and co-starring the mischievous MACARON will start from 23:09 to 23:15, Thursday, October 11th, 2001 and is scheduled to air every Thursday at 22:54 to 23:00 on Fuji Television Network in Japan.

4) Horn-shaped lamp expresses emotions:
The [ERS-311/312] blinks a horn-shaped lamp on its head to express emotions.

5) Photo-taking Function:
Responding to the verbal instruction "Take a picture", the [ERS-311/312] takes up to 7 pictures with the CMOS image sensor embedded in its mouth. The JPEG pictures are stored on the "AIBO-ware" Memory Stick inserted in its body.

Key Specifications:
LATTE [ERS-311] and MACARON [ERS-312]
CPU 64bit RISC Processor
Main memory 32MB
Program supplying media Memory Stick for AIBO
Degree of freedom Neck x 3 joints, legs x 3 joints x 4
(total 15 degree of freedom)
Input socket Battery charge connector
Input Switch Volume adjustment switch
Image input 100,000 pixels CMOS image sensor
Sound input Stereo microphone
Sound output Speaker
Embedded sensor Infrared distance sensor, acceleration sensor, switch (inside of head, tail, pads), vibration sensor, inclination sensor
Power consumption Approximately 5W (regular mode)
Temperature in operation 5 deg C ~ 35 deg C, 10% ~ 80%
Operation duration Approx. 2.5 hours(with the use of fully charged [ERA-301B1] in the regular mode)
Battery charging time Approx. 1.5 to 2 hours
Volume Approx. 177mm (width) x 280mm (height) x 240mm (depth)
Weight Approximately 1.5kg (including battery and Memory Stick)
Included accessories AC adapter, conversion plug, lithium ion battery pack, stand, pink ball
(sold separately)
- Energy station core
[ERA-301P2] (for [ERS-311/312])
Suggested retail price: 9,000 yen (tax excluded)
- AIBO carrying bag
[ERA-210C1/P, L, B, BX] (pink, blue, black; artificial leather)
Suggested retail price: 15,000 yen (tax excluded)
- Lithium ion battery pack
[ERA-301B1] (same as the accessory battery pack above)
Suggested retail price: 9,000 yen (tax excluded)
- AC adapter
[ERA-201P1] (same as the accessory AC adapter above)
Suggested retail price: 10,000 yen (tax excluded)
- Portable battery charger
[ERA-301P4] (for [ERS-311/312])
Suggested retail price: 8,000 yen (tax excluded)

Customer inquiries:
"AIBO Info Desk"
Tel: 0570-008844 (navigation dial),
03-5470-0660 (from cellular/PHS phones)