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Press Release

The press releases on this website are provided for historical reference purposes only. Please note that certain information may have changed since the date of release.
November 12, 2001

Company in Joint Efforts with AOL Time Warner and Nokia

LAS VEGAS (COMDEX, Booth #L5132), Nov. 12, 2001- Sony Corporation President and COO Kunitake Ando today gave a keynote presentation at COMDEX in Las Vegas, focusing on the company's vision to create an open "Ubiquitous Value Network."

Ando said that Sony aims to build a powerful, new hardware platform where both PC and non-PC consumer electronics devices will be seamlessly connected, leading to new forms of consumer enjoyment. He said that Sony's strengths in intuitive human interface development and digital technologies will be further enhanced with the interconnection of products that generate a variety of new consumer services and business opportunities.

At COMDEX, Sony demonstrated this new concept through network-compatible TVs, a prototype wristwatch terminal, and the "FEEL" (preliminary name) user-interface technology that allows devices to recognize each other as they come into proximity.

"The Ubiquitous Value Network concept is one where devices and products can seamlessly access the network and connect with each other at any time, from any place," Ando said. "As the broadband network society reaches a sophisticated form by the year 2005, we will establish a hardware platform where users will connect with each other and with Sony, creating a completely new lifestyle."

Sony believes that to make the Ubiquitous Value Network a reality, an open platform environment -- comprising hardware, content and applications from diverse sectors -- is essential. During the keynote, Sony announced agreements with AOL Time Warner and Nokia as initial steps in creating this open, broadband network environment.

AOL Time Warner and Sony to Cooperate on Open Broadband Network Environment
Top executives from Sony and AOL Time Warner announced that in an effort to build an open broadband environment they will work to develop easy-to-use home gateway technologies and an open Internet browser compatible with networked consumer electronic products.

Sony and Nokia to Jointly Develop a Common Middleware Platform for Mobile Handsets
During the keynote, there was also an announcement that Sony and Nokia will work to develop open middleware and service platforms that will allow mobile handsets and other electronics devices to connect and easily share content.
Through the rapid development of an open Ubiquitous Value Network, Ando said that Sony intends to expand the network business sector as a whole.