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Press Release

The press releases on this website are provided for historical reference purposes only. Please note that certain information may have changed since the date of release.
September 4,2002

New Wave of Home Television Entertainment!
Realizing a New Style of Audiovisual Entertainment That Meets User Preferences for the Broadband Era
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Wednesday, September 4, 2002, Tokyo, Japan - Sony Corporation today announced the launch of a series of home devices ("CoCoon") that propose a new style of audiovisual entertainment centered on home television and realize home entertainment suited for the broadband era.

"CoCoon" is a term for a series of home AV gateway devices equipped with a large capacity hard disk that enables consecutive recording and playback at the user's leisure of music and movie as well as always-on network functions that realize access to a variety of network services.

These new home AV gateway devices function as an "evolving product" and offer the following features; "Personalization" for a device to learn a user's preference and automatically choose and record matching television programs, "Ubiquitous Network" that enables an instantaneous preset recording of television programs from a PC or cellular phone by always-on network connectivity, and "Upgrading Ability" to realize an expansion of functions and use of new network services through automatic software upgrade. In addition, the "CoCoon" home AV gateway devices are designed to offer enhanced ease of use of consumer AV devices for every user to access various network services by a single remote control operation.

Sony positions "WEGA", "PlayStation 2", "VAIO" and "mobile devices" as the key gateway devices for users to easily enjoy a variety of content and services anytime, anywhere in the coming Ubiquitous "Value" Network era. A new lifestyle in a home environment can be realized through the Ubiquitous "Value" Network by merging "CoCoon" home AV gateway devices with "WEGA" television products which always seek after high definition picture quality.
[Origin of the name "CoCoon"]
COnnected COmmunity On Network. While striving to realize a connected community on network, the word "CoCoon" was chosen as a term for a series of home AV gateway devices which move toward the goal of offering fine structured network services to customers.

* "CoCoon" is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.