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Press Release

The press releases on this website are provided for historical reference purposes only. Please note that certain information may have changed since the date of release.
June 12, 2003

Sony to start mass production of mobile Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) Display next Spring Sony's original full-color "Super Top Emission™*" panel structure enables higher picture quality and thinner panel

Tokyo, Japan- Sony Corporation today announced the start of mass production of "Super Top EmissionTM" Active-matrix Full-color Organic Light Emitting Diode(OLED) Display panels from Spring 2004. Production will be initially for the supply of display panels for mobile devices, and Sony will make a capital investment of approximately 9 billion yen to establish an OLED mass production line in ST-LCD Corporation (ST-LCD)**.
*Super Top EmissionTM: Sony's original panel structure enabling higher quality color reproduction by multiple interference effect.

OLED is a self-luminous display without backlight. Sony started the development of OLED in the early 90's and demonstrated a 13" display as thin as 1.4mm in February 2001 and a 24" display which consisted of four integrated 12"individual panels in January 2003. Sony's original active matrix OLED is made of small-molecule organic luminescent materials, and Sony has adopted "Super Top EmissionTM" and an all solid-state device structure to achieve the advantages of high quality color reproduction, high contrast ratio, quick response and thin panel, all of which OLED boasts.

In order to establish mass production of OLED effectively, Sony will apply the expertise of ST-LCD such as design and manufacturing technology and procurement of TFT substrates for OLED. ST-LCD has acquired this expertise through the mass production of Low temperature poly-Si TFT LCD(L-LCD). The initial production will aim to supply panels with high picture quality for Sony mobile products and production capacity will start from 300,000 (at 2.0 inches) for the first stage.

Video applications for mobile products such as digital still cameras and mobile phones are set to expand, and OLED has been drawing attention as a next-generation key device to enable smaller and lighter mobile products with video functions. Sony will continue its efforts to improve the technology and enhance product development of OLED, aiming to offer a diverse product line-up in conjunction with current L-LCD.

Outline of Capital Investment (for OLED production facility)
Amount of investment:Approximately 9 billion yen(provisional)
Location of investment :inside ST-LCD production facility
Commencement of operations:Spring 2004 (provisional)
Production capacity:Approximately 300,000 panels/month (at 2.0 inches)
Targeted Product:Display panels for Sony mobile products

**ST-LCD Corporation: a joint venture company established by Sony Corporation and Toyota Industries Corporation producing L-LCD.