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Press Release

The press releases on this website are provided for historical reference purposes only. Please note that certain information may have changed since the date of release.
June 10th, 2003

The "QUALIA" Project
Creating products that touch the heart, Creation of 'Emotional Values'

"QUALIA" is a Sony group-wide movement aiming to truly touch our customers' hearts through all Sony's activities from product creation, marketing, services to content creation, leading to the creation of Emotional Values.

In the Electronics sector, the "QUALIA" project started from May 2001, and Sony's Network Companies have planned and proposed a number of "QUALIA" products. These proposals are reviewed by the 'QUALIA Committee' which is composed of members of Sony's Top Management. The criteria for selection will not only be functionality and specifications but also the ability to create "Emotional Values". Product proposals which are accepted will be given a 'QUALIA number'. Currently, 17 "QUALIA" products have been assigned and this number will grow as new proposals are evaluated and approved.

<QUALIA 004>,<QUALIA 007>, <QUALIA 015>, <QUALIA 016>are the first "QUALIA" products to be launched. Sony's engineers have striven not only to meet the demands of economy or productivity but also to reflect their inspiration and creative passion in products which are truly "QUALIA".
As indicated by the numbering of the products announced today, the products will not necessarily be introduced consecutively according to their number. As proposals are evaluated, there will be strict reviews of technology, usability and, most importantly, the "QUALIA"-feel aspect. For this reason, there may be cases in which proposals are not finally approved.

The "QUALIA" Project goes beyond the boundaries of manufacturing and design excellence. "QUALIA" also encompasses sales and marketing activities: customers will be able to experience "QUALIA" at the 'QUALIA Tokyo' and 'QUALIA Osaka' stores, and 'QUALIA concierges' will be available to visit to give on-site consultations.

"QUALIA" URL: *this link is no longer active and a revised page does not exist.