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Press Release

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July 17, 2003

Sony Develops New "Handheld EngineTM" Application CPU for CLIETM Handheld
Sony Strengthens Its Plan to Vertically Integrate Components for More Effective Product Development
Handheld Engine

Sony Corporation today announced the development of the new "Handheld EngineTM" application CPU which will be incorporated into the new CLIETM PEG-UX50 handheld. The PEG-UX50 will be available in Japan from August 9, 2003.

The Handheld EngineTM is an application CPU designed to function as the heart of CLIETM products developed and produced by Sony. It will be manufactured at Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.'s semiconductor fabrication facility in Nagasaki Prefecture, SCE Fab. The Handheld Engine achieves low power consumption and offers AV performance advantages such as smooth video playback at low clock speeds by utilizing low-voltage large capacity/wide band-width 64Mbit embedded DRAM technology, Sony's original wide band-width BUS architecture, and a 0.18um production process.

The newly developed "DVFMTM (Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Management)" technology achieves efficient power consumption by automatically selecting a clock rate and then adjusting the power supply voltage to match via a speed monitoring function. The CLIETM PEG-UX50 represents the world's first commercial product implementation of such a voltage control function.

Moreover, the "Handheld EngineTM" application CPU contributes to the miniaturization of CLIETM handheld devices by integrating various I/F functions including a two-dimensional graphics engine, camera interface and Memory Stick interface onto a single chip.

Newly developed Handheld EngineTM application CPU key specifications:
Model CXD2230GA
Configuration Main CPU:ARM926, eDRAM:64Mbit
DSP, DVFM, 2D-GE, LCDC, Various I/F
Process Rule 0.18um embedded DRAM CMOS process
Package 368 pin TFLGA
Operating Voltage Internal Voltage: 1.2-1.6V I/O Voltage: 2.5-3.3V
Power Consumption For playback of MPEG4 movie "Movie Player" application software During operation: approx. 270mW*
Standby: approximately 1.7mW
Clock Rate 8MHz-123MHz
Number of Gates 1350K Gates, SRAM 1.3Mbit, DRAM 64Mbit
*CIF 15fps 216Kbps AAC: 64Kbps

Believing that semiconductors will be key devices in increasing the value of products, Sony is pursuing active technology development and equipment investment. Recently, Sony announced the integration of core PlayStation®2 semiconductors onto a single chip through 90 nm process technology, as well as capital investment towards the introduction of 65 nm process technology and plans for approximately 500 million yen in semiconductor fabrication related investments by 2005.