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Press Release

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October 1, 2003



Small Biped Entertainment Robot "QRIO" Appointed as Sony Group's Corporate Ambassador

      Sony Corporation has appointed the small biped entertainment robot "QRIO", formerly known as SDR (Sony Dream Robot, SDR-4X II), as Sony Group's corporate ambassador, and QRIO has already started its activities at several events. QRIO will widely communicate Sony's vision of dreams, entertainment and technology on various occasions around the world.

      At the same time, QRIO has a role as Sony's technology platform. By utilizing this robot that is composed of various basic technologies, Sony will promote a range of technology developments to realize brand new products.

      With its plentiful talents, such as rich performances of dancing and singing, smooth biped walking and memory-based dialogues with humans, QRIO is ideal to convey Sony and its activities to people, since it can embody our most advanced technologies in pleasant and friendly ways. By showing QRIO at various scenes and events worldwide, Sony hopes that people will emotionally connect with QRIO as an expression of the Sony Group's dreams, entertainment and technology.

      QRIO aggregates some of the most advanced technologies that Sony has ever cultivated, such as electronics, mechatronics, device technologies (e.g., sensor technologies) and software technologies. By utilizing an entertainment robot with rich human communication capabilities as a platform for technological development, Sony will aim to advance not only in the field of robotics, including A.I. and IT, but also the field of electronics and interface technologies.

QRIO Homepage URL: *this link is no longer active and a revised page does not exist.

*1 QRIO is a prototype (not for sale).