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Press Release

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January 14, 2004

aiwa logo

A New Brand Identity for AIWA with "USB Audio" Products
Web Centric Global Marketing

Tokyo Japan - Sony Corporation today announced "USB Audio", a core product lineup which will newly define the AIWA brand. Sony will energetically promote these products which will be progressively launched on a global basis from February 2004.

In our personal life space such as private rooms, more and more people are utilizing PCs not just for information gathering or communication but also to enjoy music, video and game entertainment. As the first wave of products enabling a fuller entertainment lifestyle utilizing PCs, Sony will launch the "USB Audio" product line-up under the AIWA brand, targeted at music-loving PC users.

USB Audio is a new category of portable audio devices that connect via the USB (Universal Serial Bus) port, installed on most PCs as a default. This allows for easy connections without troublesome and complex set-ups. A wide range of audio products that fit the lifestyle of PC users will be introduced including audio players using the USB storage media "Pavit"; an ultra-thin and light card-sized HDD player; and a high quality PC peripheral speaker that fits in the back of a PC display. In USB audio products, PC-user-friendly functions are adopted, for example the high data transmission speed that allows one hour of music data to be transferred in only 18 seconds by connecting to a USB port (USB2.0).*

* In the case of transferring music data (MP3 format/128kbps) from a PC to Pavit media in a USB 2.0 compliant device.

The core customer segment for "USB Audio" is the "digital generation" who use the internet for recreation, carry their music with them and who value their personal time and tastes. To reach the digital generation worldwide, a web-centric marketing campaign centered on the renewed websites "" (global portal) and "" (Japanese portal) will be implemented. They will incorporate the following new communication tools for customers.

1. Introduction of intuitive design and messaging
In order to reach out to the digital generation worldwide beyond language borders, AIWA will introduce unconventional design and intuitive messages as its communication tools. "aiwacon"(Fig. A) is an icon that embodies the concept and enjoyment of the products that can be used with the PC. And "sonics" (Fig. B) is the logo-character presenting AIWA's "groove" on the website and in the street with nine kinds of image and music varying from rock, reggae, hip-hop to country and Hawaiian.

2. Enrichment of interactive content
The website will be updated with enriched music and creative content to complement its existing highly interactive product information website. There will be a number of collaborations with up-and-coming musicians and creators on related projects. Through premium content such as original video clips, tunes and games, AIWA will attract viewers to the website and build up a hip and sophisticated website community.

3.Enhancement and expansion of online sales
The website is also positioned as a sales channel to PC users. In Japan, the flagship store 'AIWA SHOP' will open on 'SonyStyle', Sony's e-commerce site, and will carry the USB audio product line-up from January 14 (URL: We plan to enhance and expand online sales through broad partnerships and will not limit our activities to websites run by Sony.

AIWA will continuously introduce free-spirited and easy-to-use products. Stay tuned!

aiwacon sonics
Fig.A: 'aiwacon'
Fig.B: 'sonics'