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Press Release

The press releases on this website are provided for historical reference purposes only. Please note that certain information may have changed since the date of release.
May 10, 2004

The Next Era of VAIO Business
Towards the personal- network world where users can enjoy exceptional AV contents more easily

   Merging its expertise in AV technologies with the power of personal computer, Sony Corporation reshapes the concept of a PC and evolves the VAIO branded products into more enhanced consumer devices. Going beyond the PC, the company will also introduce several other network AV products under the VAIO brand that will be designed to easily take advantage of the VAIO PC legacy. These new entertainment-driven devices offer a glimpse of Sony's vision of enabling users to enjoy a personal network of high-quality audio and imaging.

   First launched in the U.S. in 1996, VAIO, which stands for Video Audio Integrated Operation,was designed as an entertainment PC, through which users could enjoy wide array of entertainment content, such as music and movies. And it created a brand new PC market.

   Since that introduction, the ability to enjoy multimedia content on PC has rapidly become commonplace, especially through the advent of broadband Internet access. Moreover, the capability of PCs has improved dramatically over the years with the technical progression of operating system, CPU capabilities, HDD capacity and personal networking.

   From this, Sony has started to evolve VAIO into the next stage.
   In addition to PC fundamentals, Sony incorporates its most advanced AV technologies into VAIO devices, such as the newly-developed "Motion Reality" high- quality video processor,and the "S-Master" high-quality digital amplifier, for significantly elevating the audio and visual experience to that of advanced AV equipment. Also, mobile AV portability enabled by miniaturization, weight and power reduction will play a key role to broaden the mobile applications of VAIO products. Furthermore, to make it as a user-friendly consumer product,Sony developed a new user-interface application software, "Do VAIO," to provide an intuitive and comfortable AV experience.

   Starting with a portable audio player that was also announced today, Sony will broaden the business domain of the VAIO brand from conventional PCs to both PCs and network AV products, with which customers will be enabled to take their entertainment content with high-quality where ever they go, whenever they want.

   Through the evolution of the VAIO branded products that brings enjoyment through use,Sony aims to offer an exceptional AV experience and to enrich the user's lifestyle.