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Press Release

The press releases on this website are provided for historical reference purposes only. Please note that certain information may have changed since the date of release.
August 19, 2004

Newly Developed Technologies Enhance Sight, Sound and User-Interface

TOKYO, August. 19, 2004- Sony Corporation announced today the introduction of eight new flat screen televisions, which drastically elevate three fundamental elements: picture clarity, audio fidelity and easy user-operation-all of which, allows the user to see all that is possible within the new HD era.

The television is a key interface device for Sony. It connects viewers with content, is the touch point of development for the future era of high-definition content, and sets a higher standard of audio quality.

Viewers can currently enjoy a wide variety of rich broadcast content via terrestrial, broadcast satellite (BS) and 110-degree communications satellite (CS) digital broadcasting systems. Additionally, HD content recording devices that recently became available, such as the Blu-ray Disc recorder, allow viewers to record and playback high-definition broadcasting while retaining high-picture quality. As such, the opportunity for viewers to enjoy Hi-Vision content at home is expected to expand rapidly.

The new televisions feature the following Sony-developed technologies:

1) "TRILUMINOS" - "World first*1" LED back light system
Introduced for the first time in an LCD television, the Sony-developed technology enables new levels of color reproduction previously unavailable.
* Installed in "QUALIA005" 'KDX-46Q005','KDX-40Q005
2) "WEGA" Engine HD - Integrated digital high-definition system for Hi-Vision:
The integrated high-definition digital system, which includes the "DRC-MFv2" controller chip, enables the display of digital Hi-Vision signal and creates a sharp video signal with less "noise," or signal imperfections.
The integrated digital high definition system makes it possible to accurately display a full HD signal (1920x1080 pixels), and to beautifully render Hi-Vision signals. Sony developed its second generation Digital Reality Creation video processing technology (DRC-MFv2), to realize the creation of real high-definition video.
3) "S-Master" sound engine - "World first*1" 100W output full digital amplifier
Based on the full digital amplifier technology, the first-ever, fully integrated speaker systems produces unparalleled sound fidelity, crucial in the high-definition experience. The system features a 100W signal output (*) with the 2.1ch full digital amplifier and high power speaker box and helps viewers to feel the superb Hi-Vision image.
* 30W output for WEGA Series 'KDL-L26HVX', 'KDE-L32HVX'
4) "XMB" (xross media bar) user interface system
To allow viewers to enjoy various content from various devices, Sony's "XMB" user interface enables viewers to switch channels easily via easy-to-recognize icons and to select their favorite programs and inputs from DVD or digital video camera quickly.
First introduced in the popular PSX computer entertainment systems, it operates via the high-speed processing of CPU "Emotion Engine" and a drawing processor "Graphics Synthesizer."

*1  Surveyed by Sony (as of August 19)
*2  "XMB" and "xross media bar," is the trademark of Sony Corporation and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.