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Press Release

The press releases on this website are provided for historical reference purposes only. Please note that certain information may have changed since the date of release.
September 14, 2004

New Thin Screens for Mobile Devices Realize CRT-Quality Picture Clarity and Color Gamut

TOKYO, Japan, Sept. 14, 2004 - This month, Sony Corporation will commence mass production of a full-color Organic Light Emitting Diode (hereafter OLED) display, which will be first implemented in the new Sony CLIE 'PEG-VZ90' personal entertainment handheld (also announced today for the Japanese market).

Photo: OLED display introduced in CLIE 'PEG-VZ90' handheld

Photo: OLED display introduced in CLIE 'PEG-VZ90' handheld

    OLED display is a self-luminous display that does not require a back-light, offering high contrast ratio, a quick response time and wide viewing angle-all in a package slimmer than current LCD modules. To enhance this display, Sony has employed its unique Super Top Emission technology for outstanding brightness and greater color gamut. These translate into image quality and clarity that could previously viewed only on CRT (cathode ray tube) displays.

    The new 3.8-inch (or 9.7 cm) screen measures 2.14 mm thin, and makes it possible for users to enjoy a variety of high-quality content such as TV programs and digital still images on mobiles products such as the new CLIE VZ90 handheld without compromising on the viewing experience.

Key Features

1.Super Top Emission
    As the name implies, Super Top Emission leads light emission from the upper side of the organic material, realizing a brightness level of 150cd per square meter. Also, by optimizing the thickness of the organic layer for each of the color components, RGB, Sony realized multi-interference of reflecting light. Additionally, with the cavity multi-reflection interference structure which enables emission of colors with high purity, bright and brilliant color gamut comparable to that of CRT is realized

Bottom Emission Structure
Super Top Emission Structure
picture:Bottom Emission and Super Top Emission

2.Excellence in response time, viewing angle and contrast ratio
    As OLED works with self-luminous organic materials, it has outstanding response time, without producing any afterimage even when displaying moving images (movies). Also with wide viewing angle and contrast ratio as high as 1000:1, high quality images can be realized on mobile products which are used in various occasions.

Main specifications for OLED display panel introduced in <<PEG-VZ90>>
 Sony's OLED displayReference : Sony's equal level LCD display
(transmissive / reflective combined type)
Display Size9.7cm (3.8-inch)(same)
Number of Dots480xRGBx320 (HVGA)(same)
Dot Pitch56µm×168µm(same)
Number of colors262,144colors(same)
Brightness150cd per square meter55cd per square meter
External Dimensions94.7mm(horizontal)×77.2mm(vertical)×2.14mm(thickness)
(thickness including the panel only and not including the protruding portions)
(thickness includes the panel + backlight)
Response Time(at 25°C, ON)∼ 0.01 Mil. sec.∼ 16 Mil. sec.
Color Gamut(NTSC* Ratio)
Approx. 100%Approx. 40%
Viewing AngleVertical: Approx. 180 degrees
Vertical: Approx. 130degrees
Horizontal: Approx. 125 degrees
Contrast Ratio
(in darkness)
Approx. 1000 : 1Approx. 100 : 1
*NTSC = TV signal standard used in Japan, North America and Central & South America.