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Accessible Products
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Introducing Sony's products and services with accessibility features for our customers with diverse needs.


【TV】Set the accessibility function

Text enlargement and screen reader functions provide better accessibility

"Text Magnification" function to increases the size of texts on the screen.
"Screen Reader" allows one to check the TV program guides on screen or to change TV settings withoutlooking at the screen.
You can enjoy the BRAVIA™ TV with easy operation after activating the accessibility setting.

The accessibility function can be simply toggled on or off using the button on the remote controller.

  • *"Screen Reader" and "Text Magnification" functions are in compliance with U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.
  • *"Screen Reader" function is available only for some areas and languages.
  • *"Text Magnification" function is available only for some applications.
  • *"Screen Reader" and "Text Magnification" functions are available only for focus points.
  • *The accessibility function on/off toggle function using the button on the remote controller is only available with certain models.
BRAVIA™ TV Accessibility Settings

【TV】Built-in Google Assistant for an Enhanced Television Experience

Hands-free Operation, Including Video Searches

Just say “OK Google” and name a task. Users of BRAVIA with the Google Assistant built in need not do more to, say, search for a YouTube video on their TVs. Voice commands can also be used to operate the BRAVIA itself, such as turn it on or off, or change the volume. It offers an enhanced television experience like none other.

  • Supported models:
    Z9J Series, A90J Series, A80J Series, X95J Series, X90J Series,
    A9F/AF9 Series, A9G/AG9 Series, Z9F/ZF9 Series, X950G/XG95 Series, X950H/XH95 Series, Z9H/ZH9 Series
  • *Availability may vary depending on country/region
  • *You need an Internet connection and a Google account login to use the voice Internet search function and various applications. You may need to sign up or become a subscriber to use some applications.
  • *You must agree to the Google Terms of Service and Google's Privacy Policy to use BRAVIA TVs equipped with Google LLC's Google TV™ / Android TV™. More information is available in Google Terms of Service and Google's Privacy Policy.
  • *Image is for illustrative purposes.


Text information for the TV show

This Closed Captioning feature converts audio information of TV broadcasting and IPTV services into easy-to-read text. Even when you cannot pick up the sounds of the TV very well, this feature will assist you in giving the information you need. Closed Captioning is in compliance with U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.

Antelope Canyou was formed by the erosion of Navajo Sandstone due tu BRAVIA™ TV

【TV】Refreshed Blu-ray Disc™ Player

Consolidated Settings of the Most often used Accessibility Features

You can customize the following functions in the Accessibility setting menu: Screen Reader, Enlarge, Auto-Scroll Speed (speed adjustment of automatic text scroll), and Closed Captioning. When the characters on the screen are small, you can easily increase the size of font by using the "Enlarge" function. The "Screen Reader", Closed Captioning and Auto-Scroll Speed, easily enable viewing and hearing assistance.
Enabling the Accessibility Shortcut allows the convenient ability to turn on or off the Screen Reader, Enlarge function, and Closed Captioning.

  • Supported Models:

【TV】Wireless Handy TV Speaker

Clear audio, even at a Distance from the TV

Wireless Handy TV Speaker SRS-LSR200 is a wireless television speaker that comes in handy when it is hard to hear the TV. You can hear the audio clearly through the speaker that you can place right by you. The SRS-LSR200 features a new dedicated voice speaker located between the left and right stereo speakers. The clear voice function makes it much easier to catch dialog. Sony's original technology provides hearing support through the Voice Zoom function. A large on/off switch, large and easy-to-turn volume dial, large buttons, easily legible print and other features make the remote simple for anyone to use.

  • *As of July 2021, the Handy TV speaker SRS-LSR200 was on sale in Japan and Europe.
Wireless Handy TV Speaker SRS-LSR200


【Audio】Use TalkBack to Control Your Walkman

Experience High-quality Audio easily without Looking

You can play music and adjust the volume on your Walkman using the TalkBack screenreading app*. After you launch the app, swiping two fingers up and down switches the screen and enables you to read back the titles of the usable functions and settings visible on the new screen. Swiping left or right across the screen displays new information instantly. It is still possible to adjust volume, replay, stop, fast-forward and reverse using conventional buttons on the device.
You can transfer music files on your PC to the device by drag-and-drop actions without using any dedicated application.

  • *It requires to download voice data for use.

Available for the NW-A100 series and the NW-ZX500 series

NW-ZX500 series

【Audio】Wearable Neck Speaker

A Powerful Sound Experience Just for You

Wearable Neck Speaker SRS-WS1 is a compact wireless speaker that you can easily use by placing it around your neck and on your shoulders. Through an original acoustic structure and digital audio processing, clear audio envelops the ears of wearers and allows them to experience dynamic and powerful audio, even under circumstances that would normally not allow them to hike the volume. Equipped with a passive radiator that boosts deep pitches, the bass can be felt and enjoyed directly as vibrations. The speaker creates a personal experience, transporting the wearer into the soundscape.

【Audio】Neck-type Sound Collector

Hear the sounds you want to hear, loud and clear

Neck-type Sound Collector SMR-10 boosts the volume of the sounds you want to hear, whether it is a conversation with family and friends or the explanations offered by a tour guide when you are on a trip. A microphone attached to the earphones collects and automatically adjusts sounds according to the environment. Whether you are in a noisy outdoor environment or a quiet room, the sound collector helps you hear more clearly, without the need to change any settings.
SMR-10 can also be used as a wireless TV speaker with no major fuss. All you need to do is connect the charging dock to a television set using the included cable.

  • *This product is not a medical device (i.e., not a hearing aid).
  • *As of January 2018, the Neck-type Sound Collector SMR-10 is available in Japan.
Neck-type Sound Collector SMR-10

【Audio】Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

Control from the Ear

Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones WH-1000XM4 has a touch sensor is integrated into the right side housing.
Touch the gesture panel on the housing, and you can Play, Pause, control the volume or answer a phone call without physical access to the smartphone. Siri®*1 and Google Now™*2 smart phone voice assistant features are also accessible from headphone making simple searches convenient. Furthermore, by placing one hand over the housing, the volume is temporarily reduced and ambient sounds can be easily heard. Train station announcements, or conversations can be heard seamlessly.

  • *1Siri® is a registered trademark of Apple.
  • *2Google Now™ is a registered trademark of Google.
    It may not be supported due to the specifications of a smartphone or the version of an application.

【Audio】Memory Card Recorder

Realize the feeling of user's accustomed operation

Memory Card Recorder ICD-LX31A works like a traditional cassette tape recorder! The ICD-LX31A memory card recorder is designed for confident, effortless use by people of all ages.


【Camera】Eye AF (Autofocus) Function

Follows the Eyes even though the Subject Moves

This function focuses on the subject's eyes.
The camera uses Sony's unique AI* object recognition function to detect and focus on the subject's eyes instantly. It follows the eyes no matter how much the subject moves. You can always be sure to take successful portraits of lively children, and it will even track your pet's eyes. This function enhances the fun and joy of photography by making focusing simpler.

  • Compatible models:
    Functionality may differ depending on the model and software version. Please refer to website support for the model in question.
  • *Uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, including machine learning.
α7 III interchangeable-lens digital camera
Eye AF function (Humans)
Eye AF function (Animals)
Eye AF function (Birds)

【Camera】Real-time Tracking Function

Follows the subject no matter how much it moves

Camera models equipped with Real-time Tracking*1 automatically track the subject on their own. Simply specify the subject you want to aim for and the camera will automatically keep it in focus whether you are shooting still images or movies. AI*2 enables the camera to process spatial information comprising color, patterns (luminance), and subject distance (depth) in real time at high speed. Turn Face/Eye Priority in AF photography to continue detecting face and eye information in real time and change the focus frame according to the subject's situation. Alternatively, with models that support Touch Tracking, you may simply touch the subject on the monitor to track it.

  • Compatible models:
    Functionality may differ depending on the model and software version. Please refer to website support for the model in question.
  • *1Referred to as "Tracking" in the menu.
  • *2Uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, including machine learning.
The Real-time Tracking Function

【Camera】Focus Assist Using Image Enlargement・Peaking function

Assist accurate focusing

The focus assist function is available on the α series of digital SLR cameras and the Cyber-shot ®RX series of digital still cameras, among others. Focus Assist Using Image Enlargement・Peaking feature will help you focus on the item when using in manual focus. By enlarging the image on the screen, you can adjust the focus on the detail. The peaking feature adds color to the outline of the area of focus in the display. You can look through the OLED viewfinder to adjust the fine details of the focus and even check the blurring. The peaking feature allows you to select multiple colors according to the subject. Making it easy to focus for a more fun and exciting time taking photos.

  • Compatible models:
    Functionality may differ depending on the model and software version. Please refer to website support for the model in question.
α7 III interchangeable-lens digital camera
Peaking function

【Camera】Function of Touch Operation: Touch Shutter, Touch Focus

A Simple Touch Ensures No Missed Shots

Equipped with a touch shutter, you can shoot a still image by pointing the camera and tapping on the subject displayed on the monitor. The camera focuses instantaneously when you touch the monitor, offering you an intuitive way to shoot an image.
Meanwhile, the touch focus function enables intuitive, instantaneous focusing. It is convenient when you want to focus only on a certain point, or if you have a special composition in mind to achieve.

  • Compatible models:
    Functionality may differ depending on the model and software version. Please refer to website support for the model in question.

【Camera】Side-opening Vari-angle LCD Screen

Side-opening LCD screen improves ease of use

This camera is equipped with a vari-angle LCD monitor that opens sideways for still and video recording and Vlogging. Taking selfies is much easier because you can check the monitor. Low- and high-angle shots are also easier.

  • Compatible models:
    α7S III, α7C、VLOGCAM ZV-1
Side-opening Vari-angle LCD Screen

【Camera】Shooting Grip with Mini Tripod

Easy operation with right or left hand

Depending on what you are shooting, choose from two styles: the Grip Style or the Tripod Style. GP-VPT1*1 and GP-VPT2BT*2, the easy-to-hold grip style will let you use the remote operation feature with just your thumb, with either your right or left hand.
In addition, the shapes of the main buttons on the GP-VPT2BT have been changed to make it less likely that you will press the wrong button.

  • *1GP-VPT1 is compatible with Handycam® camcorder, α Interchangeable-Lens Camera and Cyber-shot™ Digital Camera with multiple USB terminals.
  • *2GP-VPT2BT is compatible with α Interchangeable-Lens Camera, Vlog Camera VLOGCAM™ and Cyber-shot™ Digital Camera with Bluetooth® wireless remote function.



Voice and Touch Functions for Smartphones

Activating the TalkBack screen reader enables users to operate smartphones by tapping on them and obtain audio feedback without looking at the screen. The smartphone provides voice feedback on what the user is touching and what is displayed on-screen, as well as operation sounds. This enables the user to operate the smartphone according to audio information, touch and vibrations. TalkBack is provided as a standard user service on Android™ terminals.

  • *In some cases, it is necessary to download TalkBack from the Google Play store

【Mobile】One-Handed Mode

One-handed mode makes it easy to operate using just one hand

One-handed mode makes for smoother operating in compact view, if your finger does not reach the edge of the screen with one hand.
Enable One-handed mode in settings, then double tap the Home button* to enter One-handed mode.
To move the screen to the left side or to the right side, tap the left arrow ( < ) or and the right arrow ( > ) accordingly.

  • *The operation method differs depending on the model.

【Mobile】Open-ear style Stereo Headset

A New Listening Experience that Allows You to Be Connected to the World

Open-ear style Stereo Headset's original design, with the Spatial Acoustic Conductor, leaves the ear canal open and enables a new dual listening style—listening to music while hearing your surroundings and staying connected to the world. This means that you will have no problem conversing with the people around you, even while wearing your headset. Because you can hear the outside world, you can also listen to music without any worry of missing important announcements while you are outside, such as at a train station and a airport.



【Game】Plentiful accessibility settings for enhanced readability

Consolidated setup for accessibility functions

PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4 are equipped with system and display customization settings that are easier to see and use. Select Settings > Accessibility at the Home display. From there, you can adjust the display zoom setting, and select color inversion, text size, bold text, high contrast and closed captioning. You can also change button assignments and auto-scroll speed.

The text-to-speech function, which reads out text displayed on the screen or browser, is another feature that helps create a more comfortable environment.

  • *The text-to-speech function and some of the other accessibility features supported by the PS5™ and PS4® may differ in certain regions and languages. For more information, please visit the Accessibility Settings websites listed below.
© Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
PS5™ Accessibility Menu display

【Game】DualSense™ Wireless Controller

Never miss sounds you want to hear

The DualSense™ wireless controller features a built-in microphone/headset jack. Want to enjoy games comfortably even when TV volume cannot be turned up or the sound is difficult to hear? Connect your own headset to the headset jack on the DualSense™ Wireless Controller to create a gaming environment with better sound.

DualSense™ Wireless Controller
© Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

"DualSense" is a registered trademark or trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

【Game】Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and The Last of Us Part II for PlayStation®4

Enhanced accessibility settings enable more people to enjoy the games

The Uncharted 4: A Thief's End game for the PlayStation®4 features accessibility settings to enhance players' enjoyment. Gamers can choose to hold down a button instead of pressing it repeatedly when action is needed. Aiming assistance options are added for focusing and locking on to nearby enemies to help players aim weapons by pushing the AIM button without operating the right-hand stick.

Changing the multiplayer team color set from Red and Green to Red and Blue helps gamers with low color perception differentiate between the teams more easily.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

The Last of Us PartⅡ software for the PlayStation®4 is equipped with over 60 video, audio and mobility support settings for greater accessibility.

The subtitle display allows you to tweak text size and color, add a background color to adjust the contrast, and display speakers' names and directional arrows for off-screen characters. In addition to conversations, information that can only be conveyed through audio can be set to be displayed visually. The game also supports text-to-speech for all-game text, and information that is only represented visually can be conveyed through sound and controller vibration functions. Other features include the ability to use slow motion when aiming during battle scenes, adjust enemy abilities, and even change the game's difficulty level if needed. By adjusting these accessibility features to suit their needs, all players are able to enjoy the best gaming experience possible.

Example of subtitle customization

【Game】DualSense™ wireless controller

Create a gaming environment that offers more intensity and enjoyment

The DualSense™ Wireless Controller uses next-generation features including immersive haptic feedback and dynamic adaptive triggers that vary force and tension to deliver a more intensive, more realistic playing experiences than ever before. Vibrations that vary according to your in-game situation allow you to experience various sensations in your hands and feel physically involved in actions unfolding on the screen, such as pulling a bowstring to its limits or hitting the brakes on a speeding car. It also supports a more comfortable gameplay environment in which you can play without a wired connection to the PlayStation®5 system.

DualSense™ Wireless Controller
© Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

"DualSense" is a registered trademark or trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.


【映画・アニメ】Animax and Kids Station Anime and Children's Programs

Operation of subtitled broadcasts and accessibility-friendly events and facilities provided by specialized channels*1

The Animax channel provides exciting entertainment experiences through the Japanese anime culture, while the Kids Station channel specializes in children's and anime programming that delivers popular programs for children. They provide subtitles for at least 80%*2 of the programs they broadcast throughout the year. Although the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) does not set specific numerical targets for providing subtitles for satellite broadcasts, Animax and Kids Station endeavor to achieve the 80% target to enable as many customers as possible, including those with hearing disabilities, to enjoy anime programs*3. To display subtitles when watching programs that provide subtitles, press the "Subtitle" button on the TV remote controller.
We have also given due consideration to accessibility in venues for events such as Animax Musix and Happikura Fureai Concerts held by Animax and Kids Station. To make it easier for wheelchair users to come to our events, for example, we provide space to accommodate them even when the venue does not have wheelchair-accessible facilities. In addition, the Animax Cafe+, which is designed for collaborative projects with anime produced by Animax, is equipped with elevators that reach the location directly for the great convenience of users of wheelchairs and baby carriages.

ABC Broccoli Kids Station English educational program
Exterior of the Animax Cafe+ and indoor elevator

【映画・アニメ】Barrier-free Audio Descriptions and Captions

Conveying visual information through audio, and audio information through captions

The barrier-free audio description system uses audio to convey information, such as people's movements, movie scenes, captions, and on-screen messages, primarily for people with visual impairments. In addition to dialog, music, and sound effects on the main audio channel, the audio describes scenes as they appear on the screen. This enables viewers to visualize each scene more clearly and realistically.
Barrier-free captions are primarily for people with hearing disabilities. They show the names of the people speaking and their lines as well as meaningful information on the on-screen audio, such as music, sound effects, and ambient noises. The system describes in textual form who is speaking and the on-screen sounds. Barrier-free audio description system and barrier-free captions enable more people to enjoy movies and videos.

  • *The following are only available in Japan.
Some of the contents supported by barrier-free audio descriptions and captions are introduced below.*
  • *The following are only available in Japan.
【Anime】Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Movie: Mugen Train
  • Barrier-free Japanese/English captions, barrier-free audio descriptions available
  • Barrier-free Japanese-language audio descriptions/ barrier-free Japanese-language captions were available via the 『HELLO! MOVIE』 app when the movie was released in theaters*1
  • Blue-ray/DVD versions will be released on June 16, 2021
  • *1Japanese-language captions were available on-screen for a limited time at some theaters.
  • Introduction & Synopsis:
    Starting with a TV series that began airing in April of 2019, the story of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba follows Tanjiro Kamado as he sets off to become a Demon Slayer to turn his sister, Nezuko, back into a human. The series quickly captivated the hearts of fans worldwide with its tragic tale of humans and demons, action-packed sword fighting, and the occasional comic moments between characters.
    In 2021, the story continues after the TV series' "Tanjiro Kamado, Unwavering Resolve Arc" for the "Mugen Train Arc" as an animated feature film.
    Tanjiro and the group have completed their rehabilitation training at the Butterfly Mansion, and they arrive to their next mission on the <<Mugen Train>>, where over 40 people have disappeared in a very short period of time. Tanjiro and Nezuko, along with Zenitsu and Inosuke, join one of the most powerful swordsmen within the Demon Slayer Corps, Flame Hashira Kyojiro Rengoku, to face the demon aboard the <<Mugen Train>> on track to despair.
【Movie】Perfect Strangers (Otona no Jijō: Smartphonewo Nozoitara)
  • Barrier-free Japanese captions, barrier-free audio description available
  • Barrier-free Japanese-language audio descriptions/ barrier-free Japanese-language captions were available via the 『HELLO! MOVIE』 app when the movie was released in theaters*1*2
  • Blu-ray/DVD version available on April 30, 2021
  • *1Japanese-language captions were available on-screen for a limited time at some theaters.
  • *2Theater showings of this movie have finished.
  • Introduction & Synopsis:
    Japanese remake of PERFECT STRAGNERS. Over dinner one evening, there couples and a single man decide to play a game and reveal the contents of phones to each other.
  • Barrier-free Japanese captions, barrier-free audio description available
  • Barrier-free Japanese-language audio descriptions/ barrier-free Japanese-language captions were available with the 『UDCast』 system when the movie was released in theaters*1*2
  • Blu-ray/DVD version available on November 6, 2019.
  • *1Japanese-language captions were available on-screen for a limited time at some theaters.
  • *2Theater showings of this movie have finished.
  • Introduction & Synopsis:
    An epic period drama based on Yasuhisa Hara's best-selling manga of the same name. Set in China during the Warring States Period, the film tells the story of an orphaned peasant boy who encounters another boy destined to become the Qin emperor. Serving as the key general, the peasant fights on behalf of the king to unite China.
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