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Project for Forest Conservation in Sumatra Activity Report 2013

Land once ravaged by illegal logging is becoming green again.

The area covered by tropical rain forests on the island of Sumatra was drastically reduced as a result of illegal logging. To conserve the forests in danger of being lost and make the land ravaged by the logging forested again, Sony is working with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in a tree-planting program in Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, which is also listed on the World Heritage registry. In 2011 and 2012, Sony and the WWF planted a total of about 32,000 saplings of 12 tree species native to the region. The planting exhibits a good balance, and the saplings are being cared for on a continuous basis.

Aiming for elimination of trouble-causing encounters between wildlife and human beings.

To prevent wild elephants from approaching villages, the WWF is conducting patrols of forests made with trained elephants ridden by mahouts (elephant handlers). With Sony's assistance, the number of patrol staff increased to six in 2013. The patrols have had effect; there have been no unfortunate encounters between the wild animals and villagers since the start of this patrols.

Using Sony products to document the Sumatra ecosystem.

Sony also supported the WWF survey activities aimed at ascertaining the ecology and facts of rare wildlife species. Sony donated digital recording binoculars, digital still cameras, and other hardware used in these surveys to make careful documentary records of changes in the ecosystem on Sumatra.

Photos of nature on Sumatra taken by the Indonesian staff

Photographed with the DEV-3 digital recording binocular

Comments by the WWF Indonesian staff

Yob Charles

Project Leader for BBS,
WWF Indonesia

My name is Yob Charles, the head of WWF Lampung (BBS) office. I am coordinating all WWF's activities in this region, including socialization, collaboration, and planning of rehabilitation program, in cooperation with BBS National Park authority and local community. I would highly appreciate Sony's continuous support for conservation efforts in BBS area.

Ali Rizqi Arasyi

Park Management
WWF Indonesia

My name is Ali Rizqi Arasyi, in charge of National Park coordination, including the elephant patrol. The Flying squad team conducts a routine patrol every week and also scrambles if wild elephants reach villages. As a result of the team's activities, nowadays there is no human accident/injury and also economic loss from the local people due to human-elephant conflict is avoided. I would thank very much SONY for continuously supporting the elephant patrol including providing SONY's mechanic facilities for our activities.

Sony is going to continue supporting the Project for Forest Conservation in Sumatra