Earth’s magnificence
inspires us

Sony could not deliver such amazing experiences without inspiration from the world around us.

Environmental Philosophy

Sony recognizes the importance of preserving the natural environment that sustains all life on the earth for future generations and thereby ensuring
that all humanity can attain a healthy and enriched life. In order to realize such sustainable society, Sony strives to achieve a zero environmental
footprint throughout the lifecycle of our products and business activities.

The challenge: minimal footprint, maximum inspirationInitiatives to fulfil corporate social responsibilities while pursuing our
"Road to Zero" environmental plan
Innovation for sustainability on EarthUsing our technology and innovation along with co-creation with
communities for a more sustainable society

Resources Conservation

We conserve resources by minimizing consumption and maximizing recycled materials in operations and product life cycles. To reduce consumption, we make products lighter and improve workplace resource efficiency. To promote recycling, we work with recyclers and reuse materials from used products around the world.


Biodiversity Conservation

Natural resources are essential to Sony's business activities, and we are aware that our operations may affect the natural environment in various ways. We strive to continue protecting biodiversity (maintaining balanced ecosystems) through our business and conservation activities.


Management of Chemical Substances

Regulatory compliance is just the start. We establish our own chemical substance management standards for strict control over chemicals in raw materials and parts globally. We phase out and replace any substances that may pose environmental risks in production while prohibiting suppliers from using specified substances.




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