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Green Management 2020

In Quest of a
Zero Environmental Footprint,
Sony Moves on
to the Next Stage

Sony established the Road to Zero environmental plan in FY2010 in quest of a zero environmental footprint.

FY2050 has been set as the year for achieving a zero environmental footprint, and we have been moving actively towards this goal since FY2010 by setting intermediate targets along the way.

Green Management 2020 has been established as the intermediate target set for the FY2020, and we have now entered the next stage of Sony Group’s environmental activities.

Focus Topics toward FY2020

Be Moved with
Sony products
while Using Minimal Energy

Sony will reduce the annual energy consumption of its products (*) by an average of 30% by FY2020.
We will re-examine our products for further energy-saving potential while developing innovative energy-saving technologies in order to drastically reduce the energy-consumption in all major products.

* AC powered devices which operate the main function with energy input from the main power source (main electricity grid).

Efficient Production
with a Smaller
Environmental Footprint

All Sony sites have always sought and implemented energy-saving measures.
In addition to further deploy conventional energy-saving activities in all production plants, we have initiated new improvements in our production lines to cut down on our environmental footprint, even when production increases are required.

Tapping the power of
entertainment to
raise awareness and
inspire action

Through Sony's Entertainment products and content,
whether in movie theaters, over the airwaves,
on a production set, or through new media,
we are hoping to reach out to over 500 million people worldwide by FY2020 to raise awareness and inspire action on the issues of environmental sustainability.

Business Partners Becoming
Environmental Partners

To achieve the reduction of the environmental footprint
throughout the entire life cycles of our products,
we will further encourage our component suppliers,
major external manufacturing contractors and other business partners to help us to reduce our environmental footprint, and collaborate with them to meet our FY2020 targets.

Accelerating the Use of
Renewable Energy

In addition to ensuring the thorough implementation of energy-saving measures in Sony sites, we are also accelerating the use of renewable energy.
Our aim is to increase the amount of renewable energy that we use in order to contribute to CO2 reductions equivalent to 300,000 tons by FY2020 through the use of certificates and credits.

Main targets
for Each Stage of Life Cycle

Achieving our new targets requires
Sony’s spirit of innovation and challenge.
Sony dedicates the same innovative spirit found in our products,
services and content to our efforts to achieve the targets listed in
Green Management 2020 and continues our journey on the Road to Zero.