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Sony Design Exhibition at
Milan Design Week
17-22 April, 2018
Via Savona, 56/a, 20144 Milan – Italy

A sensorial experience visualizing an enriched lifestyle for a new tomorrow;

See, hear and feel Hidden Senses that inform your everyday life.

Challenging the constraints and preconceptions between technology and human behaviour, whilst interacting with familiar objects in a contextual space.

The exhibition, held during Milano Salone, is composed of five case study rooms.

As you journey through each room, ‘HIDDEN SENSES’ will be gradually revealed; from conceptual interaction into examples of contextual application.

Case Study 1: ECHO

Experience pure input/output.

Unique sensing technology detects natural actions, such as movement and touch, providing minimal yet realistic feedback. Our subconscious input corresponding with subtle expressive output, creates a more comforting form of communication.

Case Study 2: Under the light

A new approach for visualising information.

The wall light reacts to movement, detects distance and responds with simple light and shadow, colours and shapes. When active it shows information relating to your presence, and when inactive it simply exists as a wall. In an era where we are often overwhelmed by information, we seek a smarter, more minimal way of communicating.

Case Study 3: Tactile objects

Touch is added to visualised information.

Use the objects on the table as an intuitive yet physical interface. Complex devices such as smartphones and tablets, receiving everyday information will no longer be required. The manipulation of everyday objects have the potential to be the next interface for a new lifestyle.

Case Study 4: Abstract electronics

Everyday furniture and lighting create a perceptual experience.

When furniture becomes an accustomed interface, fresh experiences and surprises may enrich your lifestyle. Smart sensing inputs, gather information from people’s actions, and output through a variety of devices, create a new friendlier living room experience.

Case Study 5: Day & Night

Everything experienced today was a collection of ideas that evolves your current paradigm into a new perspective. Here are the full collective of ‘Hidden Senses’ that melds with your everyday lifestyle.

"Hidden Senses"
Sony Design Exhibition at Milan Design Week 2018

Exhibition concept and design : Sony Design

Exhibition development : Sony Design produced in association with Setsu & Shinobu ITO

Interaction design and development : Sony Design and Tangram

Furniture in Case Study 5 and lounge provided by MENU A/S

17 – 22 April, 2018
Via Savona, 56/a, 20144 Milan – Italy