Good Design
Award 2015

Japan’s comprehensive
design award program
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Smart DIY Kit


Design for the Future Award Winner
Selected in the Best 100, Good Design Award 2015

Jury Comments

Impressive design that simplifies how the system is used makes MESH accessible even to budding “makers” who know little about programming or electronics. Also refreshing is that users can easily create an IoT system by integrating MESH into the things around them. Above all, fun to watch. Users can refine their models by instantly seeing how the system responds, which supports system building. For children, MESH shows tremendous potential in teaching technology and stimulating creativity.

4K Ultra HD TV BRAVIA® X9000C Series


Selected in the Best 100, Good Design Award 2015

Jury Comments

The ultimate in TV design may be nothing but a screen, but as technology advances toward this end, designers’ canvas is shrinking, so to speak. The efficient, natural design of this set represents an honest response to these advances. Strikingly thin yet finely finished in all details and graceful overall, it shows how such slim sets should evolve.

High-Resolution Digital Music Player Walkman®


Selected in the Best 100, Good Design Award 2015

Jury Comments

Treat MP3-weary ears to hi-res music closer to original recordings on this player, and it instantly becomes clear that the player’s rigidity not only improves sound but makes it more substantial. Music seems more solid. Everything about the player also conveys a refined, premium hi-res experience. Buttons bear stylish icons and can be used without looking. A textured back surface recalls leather, complementing the feeling of the aluminum body and its robust-looking jack. Even the cradle looks artistic. Makes us eager for a hi-res revolution spreading from Japan to the world.

Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector

Selected in the Best 100, Good Design Award 2015

Jury Comments

Once you realize that this intriguing line of rectangular cabinets holds a projection system, many scenarios come to mind that defy preconceptions of projector installation. In use, the UST projector seems to fade into the foreground, enabling viewers to focus on the sights and sounds of projection. Design that marks a clear departure beyond the bounds of past projectors.


Symphonic Light Speaker

High-Resolution Audio Headphones h.ear™

MDR-100A / EX750 / EX750AP / EX750NA

Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera α7 series

α7 /α7R /α7S /α7 II /α7R II

Smart Sports Device & Application

Smart B-Trainer


Xperia Z4 Tablet

Bluetooth® Keyboard


Smart Bluetooth® Speaker


Compact 4K XDCAM Camera with a Super 35 CMOS sensor


Qrio Smart Lock

Walkman® NW-A20 Series
Startup Guide



Received Good Design Long Life Design Award 2015