IAUD International Design Award

About IAUD International Design Award

The IAUD International Design Awards were established in 2010 in order to promote
and champion Universal Design by recognizing and rewarding outstanding achievements and
in particular products, services and environments that ensure people of all ages and abilities
can enjoy an active, independent and productive life, regardless of age, gender, nationality,
ethnicity, culture, ability, customs, religion or other factors. The goal of IAUD and the Awards program is
to foster social structures that are sustainable and universal, favour diversity and inclusion,
ensure safety and promote human rights and responsibilities, encourage dialogue,
collaboration and co-operation, and ensure the passing-on of appropriate knowledge and
skills from one generation to the next.

IAUD International Design Award 2023 Jury Panel, composed of the academic experts,
UD specialists, and other knowledgeable individuals (an organization of fair and neutral third parties)
judged the entries rigorously and impartially. The judging criteria for the IAUD International Design Award 2023
included "Push the boundaries of Universal Design in new and exciting directions,"
"Prioritize high-quality user-based research, in particular direct engagement with disabled users
and others at risk of being excluded from the market," "Consciously avoid exclusivity arising
from innovations and new technologies, in particular for specific groups of users," and
"Demonstrate long-term corporate commitment to UD, supported by a company-wide vision and
plan to ensure continuing improvement."

  • Gold Award 2023
    In the category of Interaction Design

    XR Catch

    XR Catch is an experience of exchanging virtual balls with a good tempo, just like playing catch. The virtual ball thrown from your hand flies to your opponent after three tones. This game enables people of any age, with or without disability, to experience the joy of communicating.

    Jury Comment

    Sony is one step ahead with this creative gaming solution for people with or without visual impairments offering a fun way to move and exercise together with others. The project exemplifies universal design by incorporating feedback from users of all ages and abilities to enhance the gaming experience. This collaborative development process ensures the game is enjoyable and accessible to a broad audience.

  • Gold Award 2023
    In the category of Healthcare and Welfare Design

    Rehab/Well-being Gamification

    In this project, we are developing a new type of rehabilitation game with a focus on cognition, exercise, and repetition, targeting patients with paralysis in the upper limbs or on one side of the body, as well as seniors. By incorporating gamification into the arduous process of rehabilitation, we aim to make it more enjoyable and easier to continue, thereby spreading the value of rehabilitation and changing people’s daily lives.

    Jury Comment

    A smart collaboration between multiple Sony divisions, which prioritizes co-creation in the innovation process: instead of a control device the player’s hands are the interface. Sony has successfully eliminated major impediments to using gaming to support rehabilitation goals and deliver fun to the users.

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    Gold Award 2023
    In the category of Product Design


    A highly customizable PlayStation®5 controller kit designed to help players with disabilities play games more easily, more comfortably, and for longer periods. Includes a variety of buttons and stick caps, and the controller layout can be freely configured to suit different physical needs.

    Jury Comment

    The Access controller merges accessibility with the PS5® console's sleek design, ensuring that it is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. This approach emphasizes inclusive design, allowing for a more immersive and satisfying gaming experience for all users. It can be extensively personalized to reflect gamers' physical and individual requirements, providing one flexible solution for all gamers avoiding any stigma associated with special product.