In a rapidly transforming technological landscape, we are developing a vision for robotics that will enrich people’s lives and society.

When robots have evolved so far that we feel like they’re alive, then humans will begin to feel an affinity toward them.

Affinity in Autonomy: Envisioning the relationship between humans and robotics.

Interaction <01>Awakening

With heightened awareness of our senses we can awaken a new type of intelligence before us.
The entity embodied within the light and sound senses humans and can guide our path to a future where we interact with robots in unexpected and unimaginable ways.

Interaction <02>Autonomous

The independence and free-will of robotics is portrayed by the random movements of a pendulum.
When the autonomous robotics detects us and casts an eye in our direction, we may question our natural feelings and response.

Interaction <03>Accordance

Like humans, these spheres each have their own distinct personalities. They interlink, cooperate, and act in accordance with those around them. The unpredictable movements of these robots can spark the formation of communities.

Interaction <04>Affiliation

Through continual interaction with humans, robots will evolve both intellectually and emotionally.
By understanding this symbiotic relationship, we can imagine a future where robotics will have the appearance of being more alive.

Interaction <05>Association

Robotics will play an integral role in our lives, society and infrastructure in the coming years.
What are your thoughts on the future of affinity in autonomy? Please answer our questions when prompted.

Affinity in Autonomy

Sony Design Exhibition
at Milan Design Week 2019

9–14 April, 2019
SPAZIO ZEGNA, Via Savona 56/A,
20144 Milan–Italy

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