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Park Lab EXPT. 04
What does the mood of society
project onto color and shape?

Park Lab EXPT. 04 What does the mood of society project onto color and shape?

Sony Park Mini, an experimental pop-up space of around 30 m2 for the New Ginza Sony Park scheduled to be completed in 2024, opened Park Lab. Park Lab is a series program that lets visitors experience Sony Group’s various explorations.

Sony’s engineers and creators are constantly seeking ways that technology and creativity can contribute to create experiences that move people’s hearts. Park Lab is a program intended to offer a peek into the future discovered within everyday life by Sony. It is an experimental space designed to encourage people to see things in daily life from slightly different perspectives.

Park Lab EXPT. 04 will be held from Friday, September 30 to Monday (holiday), October 10 on the theme “What does the mood of society project onto color and shape?” This is an experiment to portray the continual evolution and pursuit of color (C), material(M) and the finish (F) of Sony’s design.

Members of Sony’s design department, the Creative Center, work on creating designs in a diverse range of fields and also make proposals by studying color (C), material (M) and finish (F), which form product exteriors. This is referred to as “CMF” by taking the initials of the three terms. Since CMF becomes the point of contact between the product and its users, it is an important element to consider in order to offer products and services that resonate deeply with people. However, the same material can create different impressions depending on changing circumstances, such as social background. Therefore, Sony’s designers personally travel to different parts of the world and continuously conduct trend analyses and field research. They then propose colors and materials that they believe should be incorporated into products and services based on their perspectives.

This installation features CMF themes derived by Sony’s designers, who made future predictions based on the results of their global trend research. Objects that express those themes are on display and visitors can view and compare them to the changes taking place in society.

Comments from
a project member:

We have continuously researched CMF trends and created themes by finding diverse values and signs of change in the social environment. Recently, CMF is involved in more and more fields, from product exteriors to metaverse spaces. This has led us to realize the necessity of creating themes based on a prediction of the emotional moods surrounding people, and as such, we are continuing to further pursue CMF with a team of diverse designers.
Most recently, the historical changes brought about by the pandemic caused some trends to accelerate or decelerate far beyond what anyone imagined, while also creating new trends. Due to this, we hope to take a moment to reflect on the predictions we have made so far, comprehensively consider whether they are aligned with the current mood of Tokyo, and search for the future direction of CMF together with you.

Takuma, Creative Director

The view from yesterday looks a bit different today. This is an experimental space to encounter that sort of opportunity. Be sure to experience this peek into the future, a trend born at Sony that may just about be a step toward the future, with Sony Park Mini’s new Park Lab series program.

Program title:
Park Lab EXPT. 04 What does the mood of society project onto color and shape?
Fri., September 30 - Mon. (holiday), October 10, 2022
11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Sony Park Mini (B1 Nishi-Ginza Parking, 5-3-1 Chisaki, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061)
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