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September 29 - November 4, 2018

"Hidden Senses" awarded
the Best Playfulness 2018
at Milan Design Week
will be exhibited at Ginza Sony Park.
See, hear and feel Hidden Senses
that inform your everyday life
whilst interacting with familiar objects
in a contextual space
created by Sony Design.

0Welcome Butterfly

Pick up the leaflet. Butterflies that should not exist will feel your presence and flutter about.

1Flutter Paper

The two pieces of paper may seem like they are swaying in the breeze, but they are not actually moving. The lights and shadows depicted will draw the attention of those watching peacefully in the distance, and convey a gentle message. The paper will flutter at different levels of movement depending on your movements side to side.

2Tactile Bench

Sit on the bench, lie down on the bench, or rock it like a see-saw. Doesn't it feel like there is water inside of it, or that you are moving on top of water?

3Material Shelf

This is a shelf that plays around with materials. The materials will change over time and by someone’s movement, and the white frame, which can be placed anywhere on the shelf, will display a video. This blurs the lines between reality and imagination.

4Empty Jug

Pick up the jug, and move as if to pour the water from the jug into the cup, while gently rocking it. Light, sound, and vibrations will work together to make you feel like water is being poured into the cup, when it does not actually exist.

5Swing Light

Place your hand on the light and rock it gently back and forth. The light will act as a window into sceneries elsewhere.

6Coloring Dishs

Approach the dishes and try moving forward and backwards, and side to side. The ink will mix together and depict different patterns according to your movements, so that the pictures are constantly in flux and always new.

7Picture Wall

Try getting closer, then farther away from the photos depicted in the central area. The resolution of the photos will change depending on your distance from the photos. Our involuntary efforts as human beings to try to get a closer look at the photos, alter the photos themselves.

8World Clock

Select the name of a city with the cube, and the clock will depict the time for that city, and the photograph will change to depict that city's scenery. Imagine you are on a world trip, and take your thoughts to these various cities.

9Display Board

The display will take on its own size and angle of view that transcends the boundaries of the device. Turn the cube to the side, and various different displays will meld together, become blurred, or fill with light and turn into lighting, to become one with the space around it.

10Object Switch

Touch the objects. You will be able to play music, alter the lights, and even move the shadows and photos, simply by touching these objects. Things in daily life become ON/OFF switches, activated by simple actions.

11Dancing Light

Who decided that lighting has to be fixed in one place? Here, the light will move towards the people, dividing and sharing itself to areas where it is needed, instead of the people moving towards the light.


The light filtering in through the tree will change shape according to the presence or non-presence of people, and their distance to the tree, providing a gentle depiction of information. What will the weather be like tomorrow?

13Sketching Portrait

Stand for a few seconds in front of the mirror. A moment in your daily life will become an illustration, and be saved on paper. The everyday act of looking into a mirror becomes a record, and a memory.

September 29 - November 4, 2018
※ Monday October 22 will be closed 18:00
Ginza Sony Park PARK B2
5-3-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Exhibition concept and design
Sony Design
Furniture provided
Cassina IXC.