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Feature Design

DSC-QX100 /

Designing experiences

In the flexible user interface
and enticing packaging alike,
at the heart of all design lies our
wish to strike a chord with users
and create experiences.

User Interface Design

〈 DSC-QX100 / DSC-QX10 〉

UI design
optimized for emotion

Besides attaching QX cameras to a smartphone, you can mount them on a tripod, hold them in your hand—the sky’s the limit. That’s why in interface design, we focused on the kinds of experiences people want in a variety of shooting situations. We realized that once the camera settings are configured, most of the time you’ll want to shoot, view, and share your images. These three steps form the basis for how screens are organized, and you’ll find the functions you need in each situation neatly integrated into the interface. The transition from shooting in a dedicated camera app to viewing in your regular album app to sharing with others is seamless. You’ll find ways to do what you’re craving to do right there in the interface.

Responsive shooting

Screen sizes and OS features vary widely on tablets and smartphones. In the basic elements of interface design, one size does not fit all. That’s why details such as button sizes and positions must be optimized for each device, while maintaining consistent design. Less important elements are arranged along the left edge of the screen. If you know cameras, you can set the f-number and fine-tune other exposure settings, or zoom while keeping your preferred aspect ratio. Or if you’re more familiar with the straightforward shooting of most smartphone cameras, you may prefer a simplified viewing mode without shooting details. No matter how you shoot or how much control you want, the UI’s got you covered.

Weaving what users want
into the story

To design a good user interface, we must design the user experience itself. Making products easy to use is only the start. From the beginning, we had a clear picture of these experiences. The user scenarios we envisioned helped us answer the questions of what people want to do and how to simplify it. By integrating these desired functions into the interface, we think we have satisfied user needs in the “story” of the user experience better than ever.

Akagawa, designer

Communication Design

〈 DSC-QX100 / DSC-QX10 〉

An unboxing to savor,
from new dimensions
in packaging

Surely an unprecedented product deserves a groundbreaking box. Considering the camera’s cylindrical shape, we thought that round packaging would be a pleasant surprise for new owners. In fact, it’s the first round box used by Sony. In all respects—how the manual is packaged, how the cushioning is arranged, and so on—it was designed from scratch. You may notice that unboxing is more exciting when you have to take the lid off little by little, before you can pick up the camera. This sense of anticipation you feel is not accidental.

The many roles of packaging

Besides protecting products in transit, packaging sets products apart in stores. It also serves as a gift box for new owners. Round QX series boxes first catch your eye in stores, where they make an attractive display. Around the world, store displays take many forms, with cameras juxtaposed with the packaging in various ways. As a gift box, the packaging is all the more elegant without product illustrations. The box itself is meticulously fabricated, from the texture of the paper to the quality of printing to the finish of the seam. It’s the perfect gift box to delight recipients, whether yourself or someone else.

Even the box turns heads

The cylindrical box mirrors what’s appealing about the camera itself, and it’s what came to mind when considering an enticing package for such an innovative product. For the new shape, we began by laying down some ground rules on labeling, about where various information should appear. Despite some production restrictions and the need for uniform multilingual labeling, I think we arranged an exciting first impression of the cameras.

Nozawa, designer

The innovative QX series turns camera
conventions on their head.
Sony originality brings fun, freedom,
and a breath of fresh air
to photography with lens-style cameras
limited only by your imagination.