Creating a unique, authentic, value adding product for mom Xperia™ Tablet Z: Kitchen Edition

Case:02 Creating a unique, authentic, value adding product for mom Xperia™ Tablet Z: Kitchen Edition - Questions have been addressed to Sony Electronics Inc. time and time again asking, "What is your strategy to win female segmentations?" We always knew about the increasing buying power and decision making authority of US women, yet lacked strategies to tap into the market. Project Make It Simple & Special (MISS) was born to cultivate the market under one of the internal project initiatives led by the top management in late 2012.

How it got started

"Women" have been identified as a key target demographic that Sony is not currently "winning"; a task force was created to develop and pilot a program in which women are targeted for marketing (Phase 1) and product development (Phase 2). Project MISS conducted a deep-dive into existing research to try to uncover which segment of women would be most fruitful to pursue in 2013. Through a collaborative effort with the User Experience Product Strategy office in Sony Headquarters, we determined our best course of action is to develop a local application solution with Xperia Tablet Z and launch in September 2013.

Facts about US female consumers: ●159 million women - 51% of the U.S. population ●Control or oversee 80% disposable income spending ($5 trillion annually) ●Account for 49% of electronics and computing spending ●8 in 10 are interested in CE purchases (up 10 percentage points from 2007) ●Connectors and Status Seekers are key target segments when developing products/solutions for women.

Collaborative activities with women consumers

Team narrows down and votes on a winning concept

The project team performed several consumer surveys and brainstorming sessions to crystalize our product concept and provide a unique value proposition, relevant and authentic to extremely busy moms. Our first approach to the female consumer was the "Organize your App" solution. This solution helps busy mom get things organized and have more time to enjoy family/kids/life. From the consumer survey performed among female consumers, we learned that they liked features and concepts but it was not unique enough to want to purchase the product, unfortunately.

The cross-functional team met again to brainstorm how we can create an unique, authentic, value adding product to mom.

The new concept was tested among moms and cooking enthusiastic consumer groups in a kitchen environment. The reaction was strong especially among the cooking enthusiastic group; Xperia Tablet Z: Kitchen Edition was born.

Xperia Tablet Z: Kitchen Edition is pre-loaded with cooking applications, recipes, an iGrill digital cooking thermometer, and a stand. The cooking and water-resistant features go very well together to appeal to the target audience and attract not only busy moms but cooking hobbyists as well.

What were the noteworthy activities?

Xperia Tablet Z: Kitchen Edition was launched on September 12, 2013 on the Sony Direct channel, followed by HSN TV shopping channel on the same weekend. Launch promotional activities included a blog post, email blast, and media alert. Several media outlets including Engadget and CNET covered the product launch.

Initial Sell Through peak came right after HSN airtime in the launch week. We enjoyed strong Sell Through especially after the Queen Latifah show featured the product with Food Network chef Susanna Locketti, on December 10, 2013. Due to strong support from Sony Picture Entertainment, the production of Queen Latifah show was well organized and showcased Xperia Tablet Z: Kitchen Edition's strong features.

Using the lessons and experience gained through the project,
we continue to grow Project MISS initiatives
and become more relevant to the US female market.