Activities In North America

Sony Electronics

Sony Electronics understands how diversity is linked to our success as a global company. We take pride in our diverse workforce and foster a culture of inclusion that creates an experience for employees where they know their ideas are valued and respected. This is a place where there is freedom to innovate and create products and services that reflect the desires of consumers around the world. By encouraging a wide range of ideas and viewpoints, we work together to build an amazing organization and life changing products.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Sony Electronics includes:

  • Connecting with consumers across diverse demographic segments in order to understand their experiences, values and aspirations.
  • Fostering long-term relationships with diverse professional, community based groups, educational institutions and civic organizations.
  • Partnering with organizations, companies and networks to leverage the Sony brand and further our connections with diverse employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Supporting employees through network groups to encourage professional development and improved teamwork while supporting business initiatives.
  • Promoting personal and professional growth of women through developmental experiences and network groups.
  • Providing family friendly benefits in support of various lifestyles.
  • Advancing and supporting veterans and people with disabilities both within the organization and in the community.

Highlights include:

  • Participation of employees and senior leadership in the local Pride Parade and other LGBTQ activities
  • Recognition of women leaders during women's history month and throughout the year
  • Work/Life balancing experiences such as "Bring Your Kids to Work Day" and on-site 5Ks Run/Walks
  • On-site experiential learning and developmental activities
  • *Equality Alliance is an employee resources group for LGBT at Sony Electronics Inc.
Kazuo Hirai(Former President and CEO, Sony Corporation) holding the Sony Electronics 2017 HRC Corporate equality Index 100% award with Mike Fasulo(Former President, C.O.O., Sony Electronics Inc.), Tsuyoshi Kodera (Former Deputy President, Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.), Tristan Higgins (founder, Equality Alliance), and *Equality Alliance members.
Former Sony North America President & COO Mike Fasulo and members of the Chispa (Hispanic) Employee Network
Sony North America Employees at the San Diego PRIDE Parade in honor of LGBTQ+ rights