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Sony Science Program for Girls

Sony Science Program for Girls

As the world increasingly focuses on promoting the active participation of women in various fields, Sony is adopting proactive measures to hire and train women. Given the current shortage of girls aspiring to enter science courses at university, the Sony Science Program for junior high school girls was held at Sony headquarters on August 1, 2014, and as part of the Science Festival 2014 sponsored by four women's universities on August 31. In addition, Sony played a proactive role in supporting events aimed at the next generation of students, cooperating with joint programs run by universities and career seminars for science-oriented girls held by external firms.

The Sony Science Program for Girls gave the participants the opportunity to understand the joys of monozukuri and acquire an interest in science while mingling with female engineers who work at Sony. Additionally, disabled lecturers and staff from Sony Taiyo Corporation (*1) took part in an Inclusion Workshop that deepened understanding of diversity and inclusion.

  • *1 Sony Taiyo Corporation is a special subsidiary of Sony where people with disabilities account for 67% of employees. Its plant engages in the domestic manufacture and servicing of microphones, etc., from the design stage onwards. Universal Design Principles have been widely adopted for everything from facilities to various schemes and systems, creating an environment where anyone can work in the same way regardless of any disabilities they may have.

During the workshop designed to provide experience in the joys of monozukuri, participants initially had a hard time, but improved steadily with advice and support from female staff members.

Working with experienced staffers on the creative process
Work in progress

The workshops were rounded off with practical tests of the newly-completed optical communications kits. Participants used the devices they had created to actually confirm the mechanisms by which sound was converted into light and vice-versa, and examine optical properties and differences.

At the end, each of the participants was presented with a certificate of completion. Several commented that they became interested in science and others said they would like to work at Sony. The Sony Science Program for Girls provided an excellent opportunity for the participants to consider their options for the future.

During experiments and lectures
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