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"Diversity Week" was held as part of a movement to change work style

From ‘someone else's matter’ to ‘our own matter’ "Diversity Week" was held as part of a movement to change work style

"Diversity Week" was held as part of a movement to change work style

"Diversity week" was held from November 2nd (Mon) to 6th (Fri), 2015 under the concept of "foster diversity and change working styles" for all Sony Group companies. With the theme "from ‘someone else's matter’ to ‘our own matter,’" employees from 30 Sony domestic group companies (approx. 4,500 people) attended various lectures, workshops and walked through solution display and demonstrations. We received positive feedback from many employees stating that they were able to acknowledge various ways of working styles and had opportunities to change how they act. Following introduces the activities of Diversity week.


Lecture:Diversity Forum

We welcomed Mr. Toshiya Kakiuchi, who founded a company while in university as the lecturer. With his theme "barrier (disability) to value," he addressed how he turned his disability to strength around the theme "barrier (disability) to value."

Workshop: What is "Unconscious Bias*"?

A workshop was held focusing on "Unconscious Bias" so as to urge the change of mindset essential in pursuing diversity. We received feedback from employees who participated such as: "I realized how I viewed or was viewed by other people through this ‘unconscious bias,’" and "I realized the necessity of changing my mindset proactively."

  • * "Unconscious Bias" is a filter (prejudice or bias) we look unconsciously influenced by various elements such as our background, culture and personal experiences.


Meeting:Working Parent Event

We welcomed Mr. Manabu Tsukagoshi from Fathering Japan (NPO) as the lecturer. He made a speech targeting child-raising employees on how to overcome life events with their partner giving specific examples on sharing information, establishing network, developing career on a long term basis and participating in child-rearing.


Workshop:LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)

Panel discussion was held by internal and external LGBT employees following a group discussion. In order to improve our working environment, company rules (operation of the welfare program applicable to same-sex partners) were also announced.


Lecture:In preparation of looking after our parents and balancing it with work

We welcomed a lecturer from Sony Lifecare, a company developing care business within Sony Group. Employees that participated made comments such as, they became aware of possible care needs in the future and necessities in advance.

Workshop:How to balance between raising children and work

Advices were provided from senior employees and proactive discussion was held between employees across departments. We received feedback from employees that attended such as, they were able to share information and/or common concerns and were able to feel positive in acknowledging similar experiences. (Hosted by DIVI*@Sony)


Workshop:How to pursue one's career

In order to establish a profound career for each and every employee, employees from various backgrounds, both non-Japanese and Japanese participated in a workshop. (Hosted by DIVI*@Sony)

  • *DIVI is an acronym for Diversity Initiative for Value Innovation. The DIVI@Sony project is designed to promote employment diversity in the Sony Group in Japan.

To change work style with ICT

Based on our own cases, solution display demonstrated innovated work style through ICT in order to improve employee awareness. There were introductions on work styles changes with typical scenarios, examples with four aspects; "Ho-Ren-Sou" (report, contact and consult)/conferences/information transmission/sharing ideas as well as how to operate each work style solution and how to implement it.

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