Global Diversity Week 2016 Report

Global Diversity Week 2016 Report

In September, Sony Diversity Week 2016 was held at major Sony offices across the globe participating, hosting a range of seminars, workshops, fairs and other experiences in order to promote diversity and inclusion, as well as new and innovative working styles for employees.

Sony offices, Japan

Starting with the 'Women Leaders Meeting' on September 5th, the Sony offices in Japan hosted a wide variety of events aimed at a diverse spectrum of identities, including people with disabilities and the LGBT community, as well as working parents and employees from foreign countries. Diversity Week events in Japan challenged the current status quo and encouraged employees to think about the value of diversity in the workplace and also the importance of new working styles.

Sony Electronics, North America

At Sony North America, employees gathered on September 9th in San Diego to hear President Mike Fasulo and Legal Counsel Tristan Higgins, both from Sony Electronics share their life experiences that have shaped them into who they are today, and a generational panel shared valuable insights as to several differences in their life experiences. Diversity Week events at Sony North America culminated with a Cultural Jamboree on the September 29th.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.(SIE) in California hosted its Diversity Speaker Series in September, which included talks by an LGBT Iraq War veteran, a Rwandan genocide survivor who now runs his own NGO to help disadvantaged youths, a social psychologist who tackles issues of workplace productivity, and the founder of the Muslim Women's Speaker Movement. The aim of these seminars was to recognize and embrace different ideas, perspectives, and cultures across SIE.
SIE also hosted 'Woman in Technology' panel discussion from leading women in business and 'Girl Scout Video Game Design Patch Workshop' in order to encourage more women to pursue careers in technology.
A Japanese matsuri at the San Francisco offices on September 9th and an Arts and Culture fair at San Mateo headquarters on September 15th were also hosted by SIE, offering employees the opportunity to experience a diverse range of cultural activities and products.

Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.

Sony Pictures Entertainment also enjoyed great success with its events, with roughly 150 attendants at the Latinos Unidos Cross Studio Mixer, 40 attendees at the Diverse Directors Program Kick Off and over 500 people attending their "Be Your Whole Self" Fair which were both held in Los Angeles, California.

New York Employees Business Resources Group (EBRGs) of Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., Sony Music Entertainment Inc., Sony / ATV Music Publishing LLC and Sony Corporations of America

In support of Sony's Diversity and Inclusion celebrations globally, the New York EBRGS of SPE, SME, ATV and SCA hosted the interactive event, "Be Your Whole Self." The event took place at its new office located on the 25 Madison, New York City on Friday, September 30. The event featured guest speakers and employee lead the discussions around what it means to bring your whole self to work and how to effect a positive change in the organization. Following the presentation there was an interactive workshop focusing on an inclusive work culture.

Sony Europe, U.K., Regional Office for Europe

The 'Being Me' event in Weybridge, United Kingdom on September 15th featured four inspiring speakers- a woman with Asperger's Syndrome who started her own school for autistic children, a senior accountant at Citibank who is blind, a successful actress who has alopecia, and a man who suffered from depression in earlier life who now has a successful career in musical theatre. The session was open to all and allowed employees to share their very personal and inspirational stories, in order to help further encourage a culture of embracing the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Sony Latin America, Regional Office for South America

Sony Latin America's Miami Headquarter office will be holding its annual Cultural Heritage and Diversity Festival from October 10th to 14th. Celebrated every year during National Hispanic Month, SOLA employees in the Miami office will share their local dishes, music, and cultural facts during a week-long lunch festival.

Diversity Week 2016 has been a resounding success, taking place on a global stage to bring people with vastly different backgrounds together in mutual understanding, so that we can all value and appreciate the diversity and inclusion that continues to make Sony an exciting place to work.