Handling of Personal Information

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Remarks(This translation is provided only for the reference and convenience of non-Japanese residing in Japan. In case of discrepancies between Japanese version and this English version, the Japanese version shall prevail.)

  1. The party who collects Personal Information:
    Sony Corporate Services (Japan) Corporation
  2. The party who uses Personal Information:
    Sony Corporate Services (Japan) Corporation
  3. Personal Information to be collected
    Company Name、Representative’s Last Name、Representative’s First Name 、Representative’s mali address、Language Translation(From Japanese to English)、Support Request
  4. Personal Information
    Sony Corporate Services (Japan) Corporation will use your Personal Information to Sony Diversity Week registration.
  5. Public Disclosure etc. on Matters relating Personal Information
  6. Cookei Policy
  7. Common Corporate Privacy Policy

Sony Corporation and Sony Corporate Services (Japan) Corporation and Co.,Ltd. take necessary and appropriate security controls measures in line with existing technical standards and take corrective action as needed, using encrypted communications to protect entrusted personal information.

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