R&D Center in Sony Group

From five to ten years from now,
what will inspire people’s emotion?
What will people find value in?
The R&D Center always looks beyond
technology and focuses on people.
We strive to ignite the curiosity of people all
over the world and turn their dreams into reality.
Through unique R&D efforts made by engineers
with diverse backgrounds from all across the
we explore ways to inspire the future
generation and create social value.

The R&D Center is the research and development
organization within Sony Group Corporation,

and is in charge of creating emotion and social
value through the power of technology
and expertise.

Image of the positioning of the R&D Center in Sony Group Image of the positioning of the R&D Center in Sony Group

Global R&D Network

We have R&D locations around the world to
conduct technology research and development in
environments closer to users while
understanding their needs.


The R&D Center hires new graduates
and mid-careers.
We are looking for people who want to
promote research and
development of the
worlds most advanced technology and
full of motivation to open up the future.

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