Challe-Suppo Challe-Suppo

Spark ideas for the future,
Challenge with all,
Support by all “Challe-Suppo”

Create innovative products and bring them to market
Discuss hot topics and new ideas
Interact with creative people

"Challe-Suppo," an activity started by the
R&D Center, supports researchers who
feel these
aspirations and desires in their
daily R&D work. The activity adopts a
bottom-up approach for
researchers to propose their ideas and
provides all-out support to help them

tackle their challenges. At the annual
main event, theme presenters discuss
their presentations
openly with diverse
participants. Various prizes are also
awarded. Researchers can start R&D

projects from the next fiscal year if their
themes win the Challe-Suppo Grand Prize.

Steps of Challe-Suppo

When "Challe-Suppo" was launched by one department of the R&D Center in 2017, it was a small event attended by about 300 visitors. The next year, multiple departments participated, and from 2019, the activity scaled up with the participation of research bases around the world. The Grand Prize winners are awarded a right to pursue their themes in R&D projects.

In 2020, "Challe-Suppo" was held under the slogan "separated physically, connected by technology" amid the COVID-19 pandemic, becoming the first large-scale interactive event to be held in a full online format inside or outside the Sony Group. "Challe-Suppo" remained in a full online format in 2021 and provided an opportunity for people from across the globe to gather for open discussions. Keynote speeches were delivered in a multilingual live event not bound by the size of the venue, and a poster session was held in a 2D virtual space using avatars for interactive exchanges.

This made it possible for people who formerly had difficulty taking part in "Challe-Suppo" to join this activity. It is now a huge event that attracts over 1,800 participants from many parts of the world, including Japan, China, India, Germany, Belgium, and the U.S. where the R&D Center bases are located. "Challe-Suppo" is a place for everyone to present their ideas freely and achieve self-realization through discussions, regardless of age, experience, title, and nationality.

2017 Started by one department of the R&D Center and attended by 300 visitors.
2018 Expanded to include multiple departments.
2019 Scaled up with the participation of research bases around the world and attracted over 1,000 visitors.
Grand Prize winners were awarded a right to pursue their themes in R&D projects from the next fiscal year.
2020 Went fully online for the first time and drew over 1,700 participants.
2021 Improve interactivity by using 2D virtual space with avatars.


Here are projects that have won the Challe-Suppo Grand Prize and are currently under research at the R&D Center.

Eco-friendly high-performance
cellulose materials
Seiji Kasahara
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Advanced Pedestrian-Assistance Systems:
A pedestrian-side mechanism to protect
pedestrians from traffic accidents
Yusuke Hieida
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Jun 7, 2022