Introducing Sony's Robotics

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This video describes that robotics platform spreads robots throughout society.

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This video describes that robotics platform
spreads robots throughout society.

Robot society will no longer be a

Are robots only in the far future?
Will the robot society stay a fantasy?

Sony is launching a platform
where anyone can leverage Sony’s technology
to deliver unexpected robots to the world,
one after another.

From fad to ordinary.
From fantasy to reality.
This platform will be
where robots of your dreams come to life.

Making robots

Sony’s technology drives robot development for everyone

Robots becoming part of society has long been foretold. Why are robots not as widespread as we imagined they would be? It’s largely due to the high development hurdle. Planning, designing, and manufacturing robots from scratch is tied down by both cost and technological difficulties.
We want to drive robot development for everyone. Sony’s robotics platform was born from this idea. We will provide all the fundamental technology we have fostered for many years to help you build basic functionality that requires the most development stress. Developers can focus their work on areas they want to concentrate on. This leads to dramatically shorter effort to put a variety of high-quality robots to practical use. Sony will kick-start a revolution of sharing in today’s development environment where it is normal for companies to hold onto their problems.

Normal development
Basic robot functionalityEach company’s focus area
Development using
our platform
PlatformEach company’s focus area

We bring three innovations to robot development,
which has tended to stagnate


You will be able to get a platform development kit with core software and tools for your robot, allowing you to get started very quickly. These tools are highly reliable and versatile, and also very usable, facilitating further development. You can greatly reduce both time and cost.


Robot development needs wide-ranging technologies and know-how. Few companies are provided with such all-round development capacity. Take advantage of Sony’s technologies for your robot’s basic functionality, letting you invest people and time in your specialties, and produce exactly the robot you want: one with a high degree of completeness in both hardware and software.


The software and tools provided by our platform are highly versatile, as we expect them to be applied to many types of robots. You can freely add functionality through applications you install. Robots optimized for each business will be much easier to make. Robots will be applicable even in fields where they were conventionally hard to introduce.

Create robots optimized for each industry or channel from scratch, together

Most robots to date are fixed to a production site as with an industrial arm, and reproduce predetermined motions. Applying Sony’s technology enables your robot to realize autonomous motions on the move. Robot usage will expand to more industries and channels, such as logistics, construction, or retail stores.
Where and what kind of robots might be needed throughout society? Sony’s platform is a very strong enabler for engineers dreaming up new robots as solutions. The platform can be a place for writers of new algorithms optimized for demand to meet the engineers who want them, leading to unexpected collaboration. By bringing technology and opportunities to many talented people, Sony will fill in the blanks for robots throughout our society.

Logistics x Robots

Well-being x Robots

Construction x Robots

Entertainment x Robots

Retail x Robots

Restaurants x Robots

Sony will provide ALL of our
advanced robot technology

We will mainly provide fundamental technologies for robots to move autonomously. We will continue technical development with a view to producing manipulators and multi-legged robots going forward.

Control multiple robots

Realize very streamlined navigation plans by automating path planning for multiple robots and automating control for intersections and Cul-de-sac deadlocks. Improve overall task efficiency by appropriately allocating tasks after grasping movement time and job execution time of each robot.

Autonomous navigation functionality

Constantly recognize the surrounding environment and, at the same time, continuously grasp the positional relationship between current location and destination. Head to the destination by a route suited to the situation. Perform autonomous avoidance or stop so as to not harm people or objects. You can customize actions for avoidance and stopping.

Operational tools

Directing robots can be easily performed from a familiar terminal such as a tablet or PC. For example, you don’t need advanced knowledge to create a map of the environment or to set a destination for your robot to move. Use a simple dedicated tool on your terminal to get it done.

Autonomous tracking functionality

Track a specified person autonomously by recognizing the surrounding environment and selecting appropriate actions to achieve the task. Your robot will also be able to capture that person with a camera as it moves on a set route.

System state detection

Automatically detect a sensor, software, or hardware abnormality, and ensure safety by taking appropriate action such as an emergency stop. Send details of a detected problem to a user, together with the cause and method of resolution.

Case studies

Conveying robot

Automate and increase the efficiency of conveyance with robots that move autonomously within a plant and cooperate with people to carry objects.
Collaborate with Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation

Camera robot

Shoot while moving together with someone as they move to achieve camerawork unique to a robot.
Collaborate with Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.

Inspection robot

Reduce the load of inspection work with a robot that takes images while autonomously traveling around a construction site.
Collaborate with iXs Corporation

Guide robot

Can be used for many purposes such as guiding or advertising by following people or leading people in sync with your service. We are carying out verification tests in various exhibitions.

Create, connect, and deliver: our
platform will be the future
ecosystem for the robot society

Image of the cycle of growth for the robot society Image of the cycle of growth for the robot society

We are presently focused on creating robots, but this is merely the initial release. The platform will grow in stages, keeping pace with robot evolution. In the future, the platform will incorporate how we connect and deliver.
Connecting developers, giving rise to active exchanges of information, and enabling individuals to participate in operation of the platform. Delivering robots directly to users, opening up opportunities for robots to be introduced. We want this platform to be a powerful core mechanism, giving impetus for a cycle of growth for the robot society.

(From left)

Keisuke Tsudaka
Tokyo Laboratory 12
General manager
Kohei Kojima
Tokyo Laboratory 12
Kurena Motokura
Tokyo Laboratory 12

Democratize robots as quickly as
possible by joining forces

Tsudaka :
Sony has long been engaged in developing robots, but there are still many problems before we can see a society where autonomous robots are as active as people expect.
By joining forces with talented people across society, we can all accelerate development by cooperating together. I want to democratize robots as quickly as possible in this way.
“Getting closer to people” is Sony’s corporate direction. “Getting closer to people who want to build robots” leads to a world where “robots get closer to people.”

Working together with people
striving for transformation. I believe
in the future of robotics.

Kojima :
I want to bring about a future where robotics are naturally a part of our life. I’ve wanted this from the first day I started down the road of robot development. Sony’s platform is being developed by many members who share this philosophy.
Robotics has huge potential to greatly change our lifestyles and society. We will fully support everyone who believes in these possibilities and is striving for transformation in different fields, through the development of advanced robotics technology.

Humans and robots will coexist

Motokura :
Ever since I was a child, I’ve dreamed of a society where people and robots coexist. I feel it finally becoming a reality every time I see proof-of-concept at different sites and see the progress of our technical development.
Sony’s robot platform should drastically change the speed and flexibility of robot development. I’m engaged in development, aiming at a future where we continue to see shape given to robots useful in any scene in our life and business, one after another.
November 30, 2022 Update