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A Discriminant-based RMSE Improvement Technique for Classical Prony Method in Small Array Radars

Academic Conference
European Radar Conference 2020 (EuRAD)
Atsushi Yoshizawa
Shigenori Uchida (Sony Corporation)
Research Areas


A simple DoA estimation technique that virtually reduces the noise sensitivity of the classical Prony method is presented. With the discriminant test that detects the potential outliers, the proposed scheme provides a better RMSE in the classical Prony DoA estimation with a low computational cost. Unlike the traditional enhancement techniques for classical Prony, where a priori order information is necessary for the proper operations, the proposed technique works without such explicit information. The discriminant uses a predetermined threshold value, which is chosen to effectively eliminate the undesirable outliers in the 8-element uniform array. Simulations show that the RMSE reduces to the close level of LS-Prony characteristics, while some of the estimation results are discarded by the discriminant test.

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