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Array-Geometry-Aware Spatial Active Noise Control Based on Direction-of-Arrival Weighting

Academic Conference
IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP)
Yu Maeno
Yuhta Takida
Naoki Murata
Yuki Mitsufuji (Sony Corporation)
Research Areas
Audio & Acoustics


Active noise control (ANC) over a sizeable space ideally requires uniformly distributed sensors and secondary sources, which limits the feasibility of practically realizing such systems. In this paper, we propose a direction of arrival (DOA) weighting algorithm for the adaptive filter update, which prioritizes residual error control with respect to the array geometry. Array geometries utilizing multiple horizontal rings, which are considered as more practical than spherical array geometries, are introduced into both sensors and secondary sources. Numerical simulations indicate that the proposed method using multiple-horizontal-ring arrays gives higher noise attenuation performance than the conventional method. The DOA weighting can be intuitively defined on the basis of the secondary source array geometry without any prior information of the primary noise field.

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