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Novel dry biological electrode comprising PEDOT/PSS supported by carbon particle

Academic Conference
42nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC)
Ryo Sasaki
Mao Katsuhara
Yota Komoriya
Takayuki Ezaki (Sony Corporation)
Research Areas
Human Interaction


We developed a novel dry biological electrode comprising biocompatible organic conductive polymer, PEDOT/PSS, supported by carbon particle. Applying a thermo plastic elastomer as a base material of the electrode, it can be easily molded into different shapes. It has biologically safe and enables comfortable wearing with soft texture. Moreover, the electrode realizes low skin-electrode contact impedance comparable to that of PEDOT/PSS polymer. We measured electroencephalogram (EEG) using a pin-shaped dry electrode made of the developed material. The Results showed that EEG signal measured by the developed electrode show almost the same quality as that by a conventional wet electrode. In addition, no mechanical damage was observed after repeated use because of the composite structure. Therefore, this biological electrode is suitable for EEG measurement in daily life.

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