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Simultaneous Measurement of Mental Sweating Dynamics by Electrodermal Activity and Optical Coherence Tomography

Academic Conference
42nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC)
Yuta Kondo (Sony Corporation)
Yui Nimura (Osaka University)
Takanori Ishikawa (Sony Corporation)
Yota Komoriya (Sony Corporation)
Takayuki Ezaki (Sony Corporation)
Masato Ohmi (Osaka University)
Research Areas
Human Interaction


In this paper, we demonstrate the dynamic OCT analysis of mental sweating of a few tens of eccrine sweat glands on a human fingertip. We propose a method for evaluation of the amount of excess sweat in response to mental stress, where the en-face OCT images of the spiral lumen of the eccrine sweat gland are constructed by data acquisition of the 128 B-mode OCT images. The dynamic analysis of mental sweating for sound stimulus is performed by the time-sequential piled-up en-face OCT images with the frame spacing of 3.3 sec. The amount of sweat of eccrine sweat glands was significantly increased corresponding to the strength of the sound stimulus.

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