Special Interest Group on Computer GRAPHics (SIGGRAPH) is the world's largest computer graphics conference. Tens of thousands of computer graphics experts will be attending. SIGGRAPH is the world's leading venue for presenting new computer graphics technologies and research.

August 09 ~ 13, 2021
(SIGGRAPH-2021 is a Virtual-only Conference)

It is Sony's pleasure to become a Premium sponsor of SIGGRAPH-2021.

Recruit information for SIGGRAPH-2021

We look forward to highly motivated individuals applying to Sony so that we can work together to fill the world with emotion and pioneer the future with dreams and curiosity. Join us and be part of a diverse, innovative, creative, and original team to inspire the world.

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*The special job offer for SIGGRAPH-2021 has closed. Thank you for many applications.

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Session 01

Sony Exhibitor Session


We introduce two technologies related to Sony's entertainment. First, we have realized a distributed computing environment using a large number of GPUs to study real-time, unbiased ray tracing. Second, we explain the lightweight motion capture technology which only uses six IMUs to estimate whole-body joint positions and orientations.

1) Realtime Ray Tracing Technology with Distributed Rendering and Material Estimation

Tadayasu Hakamatani - Sony Interactive Entertainment, FTG Tokyo, ATR Dept.

2) Capture Bodily Motions with a Simple Setup

Yasutaka Fukumoto - R&D Center, Sony Group Corporation

Session 02

Sony Exhibitor Session

1) Event-Based Computer Vision at Sony AVS

Christian Braendli - CEO, Sony AVS

2) Temporal Graph-Based Hypothesis Generation

Uchenna Akujuobi - Research Scientist, Sony AI

Session 03

Related Exhibitor Session

Sony Pictures Imageworks and Sony Pictures Animation Presents: "The Mitchells vs. The Machines"

Monday, 9 August, 2021 (11am - 1pm PDT)

Join artists from Sony Pictures Imageworks and Sony Pictures Animation for an exclusive behind-the-scenes presentation of "The Mitchells vs. The Machines," now streaming on Netflix. This production session will focus on the artistic and technological challenges of creating a visual style that has never been seen before, through the lens of the story of an everyday family's struggle to relate while technology rises up around the world!

Michael Lasker - VFX Supervisor
Alan Hawkins - Head of Character Animation
Nicola Lavender - Look Development CG Supervisor
Lindsey Olivares - Production Designer / Lead Character Designer

Session 04

Related Exhibitor Session

Digital Creation in the Physical World
- Presented by Unity and Sony's Spatial Reality Display


Technology innovations are crossing the boundary between the physical and digital realms, in ways previously only imagined for some distant future. Some creative businesses are finding efficient ways to work and thrive in this blended world today. In this session you'll hear how filmmakers can interact with a 3D concept as though it were a tangible prop they can hold in their hands, how artists can transport directors into a fully imagined set months before building begins, and how designers can use real-world technologies that merge the physical and digital worlds in media and entertainment. Thaisa Yamamura, Head of Business Development at Sony Electronics joins this panel to discuss how the Spatial Reality Display is changing digital creation.

Technologies &
Business use case

Technology 02

Volumetric Capture for Movie Quality

Virtual Production

Link to Site: Virtual Production

Technology 04

ingredient pairing with FlavorGraph

Sony AI and Korea University

Link to Site: Sony AI and Korea University | ingredient pairing with FlavorGraph

Technology 05

How do great scientific discoveries come about? What is the recipe for revolutionary research?

Revolutionizing Hypothesis Generation

Link to Site: Sony AI | Revolutionizing Hypothesis Generation
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