STAR SPHERE - Space Inspiration Project


Unleash Space

Viewing our blue earth from space and gazing at the countless stars has previously been an exclusive experience for astronauts.

Challenging new frontiers through the power of technology, we will open up "the perspectives of space" to unlock inspiring exploration - and deliver "inspiring space experiences" across the globe through the power of entertainment.

Enabling unique imaginations of space, we will be able to connect and create together more freely than ever before.

This new perspective has the power to change human consciousness and unleash infinite ideas and creativity.

Mission 01

Development of the first satellite for Star Sphere project, along with ground systems and a shooting simulator to support its operation

  1. Enables a high degree of flexibility in camerawork
  2. Equipped with a full-frame camera made by Sony
  3. Integration with a shooting simulator
  4. Real-time operation and shooting


Use of a shooting simulator will enable intuitive execution of tasks such as setting up shooting sequences and operating the satellite to capture the Earth, star-filled vistas, and a wide range of other subjects. Through this shooting simulator, users may even discover completely unexpected views of the Earth and outer space.

*Rendering from in-development simulator

Mission 02

Project planning, proof of concept, and partnerships in a variety of fields to create inspiring space experiences

  • New media art
  • Documentary productions
  • Science museums and public facilities
  • Promotion and commercials
  • Education and human resource development
  • Tourism and travel
  • Showrooms and Amusement parks

Potential target fields are not limited to the above; Sony will be exploring a variety of possibilities.

Partner with us

We are seeking creators and business partners to work with us on the creation of new projects.
please contact us with any of the following

  1. 1. Inquiries about specific usages or conditions
  2. 2. Proposals for new businesses, content, or projects utilizing this service
  3. 3. Exploration of new services utilizing your company's data or technologies

Sony, with its strong background in imaging and sensing technologies, is working with the University of Tokyo, which has experience in developing micro/nanosatellite  and propulsion systems, to jointly develop a satellite equipped with Sony camera technology. In cooperation with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), which possesses the technologies needed to operate satellites as well as expertise in the field of space-based projects, we will do something that has never been achieved before: build a service enabling a satellite to be operated flexibly, in real time, from Earth