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Message from management

Mikio Takenaka

Head of Laboratory

R&D Center China Beijing Laboratory (BJL) is located in Beijing, one of the most innovative cities in the world.

Our Mission is "Contribute to the business in China by the research of Interaction and Communication technologies" under the Vision "Realize Kando experience by creativity and technology".

BJL was established in 2005. Over the years, we have contributed mainly in AI and Wireless Communication research field by the talented Chinese researchers. For example, Object tracking technology for Camera products “α series”, Many contribution to the Wireless Communication Standards such as 3GPP and so on. Recently we are aiming to contribute more to the business in China with Business entities on the mission “Getting Closer to Chinese People”. Now we are planning to expand our activity to new focusing area, Robotics, AI in Finance to solve China’s social issues and novel UX and Imaging technologies to create "KANDO" contents for Entertainment. Why don’t you join us to create innovative technologies together in Sony?

What we do


We, a pivotal member of Sony global AI research community based in China, aim to research and develop AI technology. As of today, we are focusing on AI technology to understand and predict human’s language, postures, behaviors and emotions, etc., and are dedicated to advance the frontiers of biometric identification. Our R&D efforts have already born fruits and our solutions have been successfully applied on numerous Sony products or made available on our Sony corporate AI platform for internal use worldwide.

Wireless Communication

We have been working on research and standardization in 5G and beyond wireless networks. We have gained significant achievements in dynamic spectrum access, MIMO and V2X. Currently also exploiting business potentials and applications with our technology assets.


R&D Center China Beijing Laboratory
Sony (China) Limited

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