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Message from management

Magdalena Wasowska

Head of Laboratory

Located at the heart of Europe, Belgium is known for its outstanding chocolate and tasty beers. But it is also the home of Sony’s R&D division R&D Center Europe Brussels Laboratory(BRL) and its 40 professionals from 19 different countries around the world.

BRL was established in 1989. Over the years we have contributed to the success of some of the most legendary Sony products and services, and our efforts have impacted the lives of millions of people. Today our mission remains to develop technologies which ignite joyful experiences and build trust towards the Sony brand.

This is why we are focusing on the most promising and disruptive technologies which have potential to transform industries and society, including AI, affective computing, security, privacy and blockchain.

What we do


Being close to our customer’s lives comes with great responsibility. We are entrusted with personal content and information which we must handle with humility and care, while still building a seamless data flow-driven customer experiences.
At BRL we apply and combine cutting-edge modern crypto techniques like ‘homomorphic encryption’, ‘zero knowledge proofs’, ‘proxy re-encryption’ and ‘secure multi-party computation’ in novel ways to ensure that the user’s personal data is always processed and used in a privacy preserving manner. We also enable the building of AI models on user data while strictly preserving the privacy of the user even in malevolent circumstances.


We are living in a connected world where essential functions of society are dependent on the safety and security of devices and services. At Sony we need to be always sure that we can meet the safety and security expectations that our customers place on us.
BRL’s security team ensures the safety of its customers by testing products and services before they are launched. For this purpose, our team uses similar security breaching methods that malicious attackers use when the product or service is in the market.
BRL’s technologies also proudly protect millions of customer accounts from fraud and account takeovers in Sony’s e-commerce, gaming and entertainment networks.
We also develop technologies used to monitor Sony’s IOT and embedded devices currently in use for security breaches and anomalous behaviours.

Fair, Accountable & Trustworthy AI

Artificial Intelligence is being used increasingly to power products and services which amaze us. At Sony we are committed to non-discriminatory policies and transparency. We also expect our AI to adhere to these principles under all circumstances.
BRL is developing technologies and tools to ensure that our AI is unbiased, resistant to attacks, as well as explainable to humans. We also support Sony businesses in adapting these methods and technologies as part of their operations.


Looking beyond the hype around blockchain technologies, decentralization and democratization of information can have genuine and profound impacts on the fabric of our society and how business ecosystems are built.
At BRL we are developing blockchain technologies that give user control over their digital identity and personal data flows in between different data processors. We are also exploring different opportunities for user centric digital rights and licence management, as well as potential applications in the area of IOT.


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