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Message from management

Chuen-Chien Lee, Ph.D.

Head of Laboratory

The R&D Center US San Jose Laboratory (SJL) has its primary location in San Jose, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, with satellite offices elsewhere. It leads the research, exploration, and discovery of innovative technologies and creates solutions and services for Sony’s next generation businesses including:

  • Content creation technologies, solutions and services for next generation entertainment business
  • Intelligent biomedical imaging technologies and solutions for medical and life science business
  • Enabling technologies and solutions for new business domains and digital Imaging products & business
  • International standardization activities related to content compression and RF technologies

Our values are central to our culture and part of who we are:

  • Pain-point Solving - We listen to the voice of our customers and deliver solutions and services to them with passion.
  • Diversity - We collaborate openly and globally in synergy with Sony’s worldwide R&D Centers.
  • Open Innovation - We proactively learn from outside parties to create world-leading innovations in-house.

What we do

3DCG Content Creation Technology for Entertainment Business

3DCG content is a high-quality capture-based digital human asset for assisting professional creators in the Sony Entertainment business. The research focus is machine learning-based advanced Computer Graphics (modeling, animation, rendering) combined with Computer Vision (capture, reconstruction), utilizing Sony’s best-in-class image sensors and volumetric capture system for photo-realistic and natural visualization.

Intelligent Biomedical Imaging for Future OR and Precision Medicine

Intelligent biomedical imaging technology brings advanced analytics and artificial intelligence into medical and life science domains. We work closely with our Medical Business Group and Sony Biotechnology Inc. partners to develop and deliver the next generation of solutions for the operating room and flow cytometry.

Camera Signal Processing for the Next Generation Imaging Products

Signal processing technologies are vital to achieving high quality digital images. These technologies are utilized in all steps of image creation starting with focusing on the right object and ending with saving a compressed image on a memory card. They are directly related to color accuracy, noise level, image details and other features that ultimately determine a digital camera’s performance level. Our Camera Signal Processing team is developing next generation signal processing technologies for Sony imaging products.

Next-Generation Codec for Immersive Media Experiences

We focus on the research and development of algorithms for efficient compression of new data formats used for next generation devices. These data formats allow real time immersive experiences by delivering high-quality visual information in an efficient manner. In particular, we are developing methods for compressing 3D model data such as Point Clouds and 3D Meshes. We are introducing our developed technology to international standards, producing top-level intellectual property for Sony, and establishing a leadership role in the world's first international standard 3D codec.

Wireless Technology and Standardization for Next Generation Wireless System

The Wireless Technology and Standardization group conducts core research to enable high throughput and low latency wireless connectivity for a wide range of Sony consumer electronics and use cases. We work closely with standardization bodies to ensure the future support of Sony products and deliver new innovative technologies for next generation wireless systems.

Sony Research Award Program

The Sony Research Award Program provides a vehicle for Sony research groups to collaborate with leading university faculty throughout North America to give Sony direct access to the most brilliant minds performing cutting-edge research in technologies that will define our future. It is unique in that, instead of being a philanthropic endeavor, it enables technology research that Sony believes holds the most promise to fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology while creating long-term relationships with researchers.


R&D Center US San Jose Laboratory
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