R&D Center Europe
Stuttgart Laboratory 1

Message from management

Dr. Dietmar Schill

Head of Laboratory

It is the purpose of R&D Center Europe Stuttgart Laboratory 1 (SL1) as a corporate R&D lab to bring together talent and technology in Europe to create new customer value. Our international teams of researchers contribute their results to Sony R&D and Sony business groups alike.

Together with partners at renowned universities and research institutes, we identify new technologies that are ready to bring value to innovative Sony products.

Universities from across Europe send us their best students for internships, master as well as PhD theses and research projects. Together we strive to create an innovative and international working environment creating new ideas and technologies.

SL1’s key competencies reside in the areas of AI, audio signal processing, communication technologies, sensing systems, optical design and computer vision. Our contributions to the product and technology portfolio of Sony include the areas of semiconductor devices, audio & video consumer products, automotive as well as medical.

Beyond pure R&D, SL1 acts as European window for Sony in the areas of technical standardization and industry relationships, contributing to numerous standardization bodies, such as: IEEE 802.11 (WiFi), Nearfield Communications (NFC), Global Platform, GSMA, Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) & Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) e.g.

What we do

At SL1 we do research and development on technologies for consumer and professional products. Many of our projects are based on intelligent sensing devices in the wide frequency range from audio, RF up to optical frequencies. The optimal fusion of several sensor modalities in order to obtain robust applications is one of our key challenges.


Our researchers in the area of AI and machine learning ensure we have high performance solutions with the lowest possible complexity available in all areas of our research. DNNs (Deep Neural Networks) are used in many of our contributions for image sensing, computer vision, speech recognition and natural language processing for European languages.

Speech & Sound

Taking advantage of our state-of-the-art listening audio rooms and the extensive know-how for audio rendering, we contribute to the development of new spatial audio solutions for home, car and gaming applications, such as 360 Reality Audio e.g.

Computational Imaging

With the latest image sensing devices from Sony Semiconductors and our expertise on designing optical architectures and algorithms, we create world-class solutions for material sensing, 3D reconstruction, depth and motion estimation, orientation and positioning technologies.

RF Communications

In the area of RF communications and sensors, we are interested in future solutions for low-power transceiver design as well as sensing systems for the detection and analysis of location, speed, movement and other properties of objects in different environments.


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