R&D Center Europe
Stuttgart Laboratory 2

Message from management

Dr. Gabriele Nelles

Head of Laboratory

We are an international, enthusiastic team in material and device research, located in Germany.
Our mission is to support Sony business and to create seeds for the future. Stuttgart Laboratory 2 (SL2) focuses on identifying and developing new materials and technologies to improve existing products and to initiate new applications.

We deliver scientific solutions to enhance the uniqueness and differentiation of Sony. The SL2 team owns a profound expertize in chemistry, physics, biotechnology, mathematics, and engineering. Our research style is a holistic approach by cross-disciplinary exchange and competencies sharing beyond project borders.

We are operating a 1300 m2 laboratory, comprising state of the art equipment, as well as collaborating with renowned experts in academia and industry.

What we do

Since our establishment in 1997, Stuttgart Laboratory 2 is experiencing exciting challenges and multitudinous opportunities across broad scientific diversity in Materials Science.
We contribute to the creation of new materials, devices and IP for the current and next generation of Sony products to increase customer value and user experience.

Our competencies cover:

  • molecular design, synthesis of materials, characterization and analysis on high scientific level
  • implementation of materials into devices
  • design and assembly of experiments and experimental set-ups
  • mechanism elucidation
  • quality control & failure analysis
  • international standardization

The activities of SL2 emphasize both technical aspects in Materials & Device R&D, as well as advisory support to Sony partner for service and verification.

Imaging & Sensing platform

Contribute to the development of next generation branded hardware: design,
creation and testing of materials; mechanism studies and simulation.

Holistic UX

Develop and combine technologies for multi-sensory user experience,
engaging all human senses: sight, hear, touch, smell, taste.

Environmental Compliance & Failure Analysis

Support to Sony biz groups and R&D partners in route cause failure analysis, environmental compliance & quality control.

International Standardization

Membership in technical standardization committees.

Project Innovation

Ideation and Innovation; continuous learning and growth; new theme creation.


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