Sony's R&D

Creating Technologies that Embrace Diversity
and Unleash People's Creativity

We believe it is important to incorporate diversity in our research and development (R&D) to capture the needs of creators and users worldwide. From exploratory research to development of technologies and its application to business through products and services, the Sony Group's R&D organizations work together dynamically to create the future.

In collaboration with respective business activities, each operating company engages in R&D aimed at the evolution of their products and services, and creation of new businesses. Technology Infrastructure Center leads the R&D of fundamental technologies applied in diverse fields and contribute to the Sony Group's evolution and social development through internal and external collaboration. Sony Research takes on the development of large-scale AI models and the creation of highly innovative technologies. Further, Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL) focuses on “Research for the Future of Humanity and Our Planet” and proactively collaborates within the Sony Group and beyond to explore and develop new research areas, research paradigms, technologies, and businesses.

These diverse organizations together form a single ecosystem where technology and people organically come together and maximize performance. Simultaneously, we will strive to implement the results of our R&D into society and contribute to the value creation of the Sony Group.

  • R&D Activities

    R&D Activities

    Research and Development activities and technologies sustaining Sony Group's diverse businesses.

  • Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL)

    Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL)

    Sony CSL's mission is to conduct "Research for the Future of Humanity and Our Planet.

  • Sony Research Inc.

    Sony Research Inc.

    The mission of Sony Research, including Sony AI, is to “pioneer the future of creation.

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