Sony is there,
for your every emotion.

The evolution of Sony's motion logo

  • Sony's motion logo 1 (video)
  • Sony's motion logo 2 (video)
  • Sony's motion logo 3 (video)

People who create what has never been seen before.
People who experience and ponder those creations.
People who seek a life of tranquility and enjoyment.
We are at a place that moves the hearts of all kinds of people, connecting and supporting them.

To feel is an opportunity.

When grasping that opportunity,
For some, it feels like that deep sense of positivity when the dawn breaks after a long night.
For others, their values are challenged with a fresh and provocative surprise.
Or, it’s a simple happiness inside that makes you view the world a little brighter than yesterday.

Those feelings resonate, reverberate, and fill the world with emotion.

With the belief in the power of creativity and technology,
at those moments, we want to be close to you, at your side.

With the 2021 launch of the new Sony Group structure, we have renewed the Motion Logo* of the Sony logotype.
Based on Sony's Purpose, this Motion Logo expresses
Sony as a “Creative Entertainment Company with a solid foundation of technology”
getting closer to people and filling the world with emotion.

*What is “Motion Logo”?
The Motion Logo of the Sony logotype refers to the Sony logotype used in audio visuals,
such as at the end of a TV commercial, opening of a film, and promotional videos on social media.

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