Lost In Music

Immersive Experiences, Live Performances, Weekly Online Show.

From November 2018 through February 2019, Sony’s Lost In Music showcased Sony technology and Sony Music artists via a pop-up location designed to host unique immersive experiences, exclusive performances, and a weekly interview show. All 12 episodes of the Lost In Music weekly online show are now available to view below.



Audio Experiences

Lost in Music

Powered by cutting-edge Sony technology, the Lost In Music pop-up space at 201 Mulberry Street NYC featured an audio-visual experience inviting guests to create a personalized "MeMix" music track. This was based on their unique personal rhythm and interactions within the immersive, walkthrough set.

Visitors also had an exclusive chance to experience 360 Reality Audio, which makes listeners feel as if they are immersed in sound from all directions.

Each week the space was transformed into a stunning live music venue, where it played host to exclusive, intimate live performances from top Sony Music artists and formed the back drop to the weekly Lost In Music show.


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