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The versatile lavalier microphone

High-quality digital audio with an unobtrusive design

The ECM-LV1 is a versatile lavalier microphone suitable for a variety of situations and uses. It works with diverse electronic devices and is designed to be visually unobtrusive, so it can be positioned close to the speaker's mouth for optimal audio pickup.

Illustration in which ECM-LV1 is collecting stereo sound
Clear stereo sound

With the ECM-LV1 you don't have to worry about directional microphone placement. The omnidirectional mic capsules at the heart of the ECM-LV1 provide clear, high-quality sound with pickup from all directions.

Works in combination with the ECM-W2BT

The ECM-LV1 can make your shooting less stressful when used in conjunction with the ECM-W2BT. Connect the ECM-LV1 to the ECM-W2BT and a camera compatible with Digital Audio Interface for stress-free recording, without worrying about the distance or the direction of the camera.

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Illustration showing the compatibility of ECM-CS3 with electronic devices with 3.5 stereo mini jack
Ready to use with a variety of devices

In addition to cameras and camcorders, the ECM-LV1 allows flexible use with a number of other electronic devices. It works with devices equipped with an external mic input such as PCs and digital voice recorders.

Sophisticated design 
An illustration showing the clip of the ECM-LV1 rates 360-degree
Flexible attachment with a 360-degree rotating clip

The flexible rotating clip lets you attach the microphone at any convenient angle. It allows any orientation from horizontal, for a necktie or lapel, to vertical for a pocket clip. 

A picture showing that ECM-LV1 is inconspicuous when attached to clothing.
Simple, unobtrusive design

Small in size at just 32mm in length and 11mm in diameter, the plain black ECM-LV1 is simple in form as well as highly mobile. It's designed to be unnoticeable when attached to clothing, in order to be useful in a variety of shooting situations.

Product image of ECM-LV1, attached with the supplied wind screen.
Wind screen to minimise wind noise when shooting outdoors

The ECM-LV1 comes with a wind screen designed to reduce the impact of both wind noise and the speaker's breath sounds. The result is clear and stable sound recording even when shooting outdoors on a windy day.

Image of the ECM-LV1's plug
Battery-free recording

When used with equipment that provides plug-in power, the ECM-LV1 can run on power supplied by the microphone connector, enabling operation without a battery.

Specifications & Features

The ECM-LV1 is a versatile lavalier microphone that can be connected to a variety of different devices and used in a wide range of situations. With its compact and unobtrusive design, it can be placed close to the speaker's mouth to deliver high-quality audio recording.
  • High-quality stereo sound with omnidirectional pickup

  • External mic input for use with PCs, voice recorders and other devices

  • Compact and unobtrusive, with 360-degree rotatable clip for flexible use

  • Supplied with wind screen to reduce wind noise, for outdoor recording

  • Battery-free design, with plug-in power compatibility

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