Introducing Vlog Camera ZV-E10 Video Transcript

Alpha logo and "Alpha" voice sample


Caption "Capture more of your world"


A black ZV-E10 camera body with black lens appears, then the lens changes to different types and colours. It is replaced by a white camera body and the lenses change again. The camera body then changes back to black, with a black lens, shooting grip and wind shield attached, and the extended LCD screen displaying a selfie-shooting model waving


Caption "Interchangeable-lens Vlog Camera"


Caption "ZV-E10"

Vlogger and model 

Vlog clip of model outdoors, then vlogger shooting selfie indoors


Caption "Make inspirational stories" over various clips from a cooking and vlogging shoot


Walking vlogger shooting walking model outdoors again, viewed from above. Close-up of same vlogger adjusting the lens


Black lens retrieved from bag and attached to black camera body, then caption "with interchangeable lenses" appears over shots of a silver lens being attached to a white camera body and focused, then a black lens being attached to a black camera body and focused. All bodies have microphone wind shield attached


Caption "and" displayed over shot of a silver lens being removed from a white camera body, then black lens being removed from black body, to show image sensor


Caption "a large sensor" over clip of sensor in camera body, then the camera body is cropped away to highlight just the sensor alone


Caption "Impressive expressions" over video portrait with leafy bokeh background, and model smiling then looking away from camera


Close-up shot of tomato being sliced


Vlog video featuring smiling model walking around city


Casserole close-up


Two-person selfie vlog shot with vlogger and smiling model, outdoors in a city, followed by a shot of model in near-profile pose


Caption "Vlogging made simple"


Caption "Just press for" over close-up of S&Q button,

then finger pressing button,

then caption "Just press for slow motion" over slow-motion sequence of model's skirt and hair motion

Caption "Just press for" over close-up of C1/Bokeh Switch button,

then caption "Just press for blurry background." When user's finger presses the button, background of model portrait goes blurry, and the focus moves to the model's face


Close-up of hand-made jewellery accessories, then a shot of a vlogger picking up and examining accessories,

then caption "Just press for" over close-up of Product Showcase button,

then close-up of finger pressing the button.

Vlogger looks into the camera and speaks, with caption "Just press for product review," then when the vlogger holds a fashion accessory up to the camera, the focus quickly shifts from the vlogger's face to the accessory, despite the vlogger's face still being visible (now out of focus)


Caption "Let the camera do the work"


Caption "Fast autofocus" as focus shifts from a distant building to the face of a model who jumps up into the foreground


Caption "Fast autofocus" as focus shifts from face of walking selfie shooter to a doughnut that he holds up to the camera


Caption "Tracks eye" with white rectangle showing accurate tracking of model's right eye despite head motion and rotation


Caption "Tracks with a touch" as graphic of hand/finger 'touches' model's hat (symbolising user touching the camera screen), initiating tracking of the hat. Tracking is illustrated by the appearance of a white rectangle graphic, which follows the hat as the model walks in an outdoor area with her face averted from the camera


Caption "When moving" over clip of vlogger following model and shooting while they walk outdoors


Model walking outdoors with shaky caption "Shakiness" which stops shaking and becomes "Forget about shakiness" illustrating smoothness of stabilised video, even if vlogger and model are both walking


Caption "Keeps face bright" over clip showing vlogger's face clearly despite the face being in shade against a bright background


Caption "In natural skin tone" over close-up portrait clips of four ethnically diverse vloggers, showing natural skin tones for all


Caption "Even in low light" over a close-up front view of the camera with vlogger in the background, shooting a dimly-lit indoor scene


Caption "Clean image" over portrait clearly and brightly depicting face of model turning and looking toward the camera, with blurred lights in background


Caption "Clear voice recording even in the wind" over cloudy daytime cityscape, then side view of vlogger shooting selfie with camera held at arm's length and wind screen attached, and vlogger's hair blowing in the wind. Rushing wind noise


Caption "With supplied wind screen" over shot from behind the camera looking toward the vlogger, shooting selfie while panning with camera held at arm's length and wind screen attached, and vlogger's hair blowing in the wind. Rushing wind noise

Caption "Wind" and caption "Clear voice recording" over selfie shot on city rooftop with vlogger's hair blowing in the wind and vlogger saying "The weather's so beautiful here—a little bit windy, but feeling great," clearly audible over rushing wind noise


Caption "Shine live and online"


Caption "High-quality live streaming" over shot of vlogger live streaming, shooting themselves with a camera mounted on a shooting grip as tripod next to open PC


Close-up side view of a vlogger live streaming, showing clothing and talking in the direction of the camera


Simulated PC screen image of livestream by vlogger "emma_1999" with label "LIVE" and 868 viewers, with comments ("Nice room!!", "Nice jacket," "Wow so cosy," etc.) from viewers scrolling in real-time at left, and the vlogger saying about her jacket "You know this actually belonged to my sister, and she gave it to me"


Caption "With just a cable" over shot from the vlogger's point of view showing the camera mounted on shooting grip GP-VPT2BT as a tripod, with shotgun microphone ECM-B1M attached, and connected to PC using a USB cable for high-quality audio and video transfer. The PC screen shows the livestream image featuring the vlogger (now with 879 viewers).

Then caption "For online communication" as the PC display changes to four faces in a grid in an online meeting: the vlogger "Emma" and three remote meeting participants


Fast-moving montage of video clips of people with various facial expressions, urban views, natural landscapes, etc., with fast-motion and slow-motion segments

* Close-up portrait of model's hair in motion

* Close-up of rings on model's fingers

* Urban motorway

* Portraits of model in urban setting

* Urban road tunnel

* Model's shoes

* Model's earring

* Close-up of a lime being sliced

* Model showing earring to camera

* Extreme close-up of model's eye

* Face portrait of model against blurred green background

* Vlogger shooting selfie on urban rooftop

* Model in urban elevator, heading for the roof

* Model shielding eyes from bright sunlight

* Cityscapes at dusk and night


Caption "Interchangeable-lens vlog camera" over view of vlogger shooting model portrait, seen from behind model


Caption "ZV-E10"


"SONY" logo


Repeat first few scenes, with superimposed links to related videos in four corners of screen


(Camera is ZV-EZ10; shooting grip is GP-VPT2BT; shotgun microphone is ECM-B1M)