May 11 – June 10
Open Tuesdays-Saturdays from 11am to 7pm

719 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Future Lab

Future Lab Program is where Sony shares Concept Prototype in development at Sony R&D with users for opportunities to co-create future lifestyles.

Technology has the power to shape ideas into reality and open the door to new, unseen futures. An exciting future awaits with unbridled curiosity. Throw away conventional wisdom when incorporating cutting-edge technology.

Change the future

Future Lab

Concept Prototype

N is a new, unencumbered way to experience audio, with a hands-free and open-ear style interactive interface for accessing music and audio information.

Future Lab

Concept Prototype

T is a Concept Prototype that creates interactive space on a table or the surface of real objects. Users can intuitively and naturally experiment manipulating images and information projected onto the space. 

Life Space UX

Discover. Transform. Inspire.

Life Space UX is the intersection of technology and design.
The goal: to transform your living space into something extraordinary that is uniquely you.


Portable Ultra Short Projector

Projector TV or Movie onto any flat surface 22" onto a table up to 80" on a wall.

Glass Speaker

Glass Sound Speaker

High quality Bluetooth speaker with 360-degree non directional crystal clear sound generated by vibrating organic glass cylinder.

Bulb Speaker

LED Bulb Speaker

LED light bulb that is also a Bluetooth speaker, can plug into any standard socket.