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Z9K | BRAVIA XR | MASTER Series | Mini LED | 8K | High Dynamic Range (HDR) | Smart TV (Google TV)

Z9K Series


Synchronised. Vibrating. Cinema-like sound.

Four vibrating frame tweeters. Hear sound straight from the screen, perfectly synchronised with action. Powered by Cognitive Processor XR™, every sound becomes immersive.

BRAVIA TV screen showing conductor and orchestra with sound waves radiating out in concentric rings from the centre of the screen

Sound and pictures, precisely aligned

With Acoustic Multi-Audio™, it feels as though the sound is coming from the right place in the scene, precisely matching the visuals. Far more immersive than conventional TVs where sound comes from beneath the screen.
Split screen of a guitarist with left image showing how a conventional TV emits sound from beneath the screen and right image showing how a BRAVIA with Acoustic Multi-Audio emits sound from the guitarist for more realism

Frame Tweeter.
Optimal sound position.

More expansive, more powerful, more spatial. Our Frame Tweeter vibrates the frame, projecting sound forwards. By evaluating the position of all speakers, sound is perfectly balanced.
Image of TV showing location and detail of Frame Tweeter with sound waves emitting in concentric rings

All your entertainment upscaled to 3D surround sound

XR Surround virtually creates surround sound using just the TV speakers for 3D audio without in-ceiling or up-firing speakers. Our BRAVIA XR™ TVs are also compatible with Dolby Atmos®.
Living room scene showing woman on sofa watching TV and surround sound effect with XR Surround and Dolby Atmos logo bottom right

Clear Voice.
Precise dialogue.

Voice Zoom 2™ detects voices, analyses them and improves their clarity. With enhanced filtering, ambient elements are suppressed so you can hear even faint TV dialogue clearly.
Woman in car with illustrated blue sound waves representing voice clarity of Voice Zoom 2

BRAVIA and Sony Audio, the dream team

Take entertainment further by pairing your BRAVIA XR™ TV with Sony audio equipment. You'll discover an unmatched audio-visual experience with outstanding XR picture and sound quality.

Acoustic Center Sync

With Acoustic Centre Sync, you can turn both your compatible BRAVIA™ and the soundbar into a centre speaker. Precisely matching what you hear with what you see on your screen further immerses you in your home entertainment.0
Image of couple in living room watching BRAVIA TV with Acoustic Center Sync

Ready for 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer

Tailor your Dolby Atmos® experience by combining our SRS-NS7 wearable speaker with BRAVIA XR™ for spatial surround. With some Sony headphones, you can also get the simulated surround of 360 Spatial Sound.0
Image of man in living room watching BRAVIA TV with 360 Spatial Sound


The ideal sound experience from anywhere

BRAVIA CAM™ tracks your position, adjusting left and right sound balance for optimum acoustics. Wherever you are, you'll hear the same quality sound as if you were sitting right in front of the TV.
Split-screen graphic showing a person listening to TV from the front and a person listening to TV from the side

Hear voices clearly,
no matter where you are

Detecting your viewing distance, BRAVIA CAM™ adjusts voice zoom automatically for clear dialogue. Volume increases when you move away from the TV and decreases when you get closer.
Split-screen graphic showing a person listening to TV close up and a person listening to another TV from afar